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How to Make Your Real Estate Marketing Stand Out

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By some accounts, the average person is exposed to more than a dozen marketing messages by the time they finish breakfast. Throughout the day, that number grows well into the hundreds.

So how do you ensure your real estate marketing stands out and generates all the real estate leads you need?

The trick is to not depend on an occasional “lightning strike” with your marketing. If you hope to create some stand-out ad or social media post that breaks through all the marketing noise out there, you’ll probably end up disappointed. And broke.

The reality is, effective real estate marketing isn’t about standing out as much as it is about consistency. When you consistently stay in touch with prospects and clients — in a way that adds value for them — you create a building marketing momentum that results in more and more people seeing you as their go-to agent.

And the more people who see you as their agent-of-choice, the more real estate leads and referrals you’ll get.

Of course, your marketing does need to stand out as much as possible. For example, your real estate newsletter for client referrals should be eye-catching, show your photo and branding, and feature a personal message from you. That will get your real estate direct mail piece noticed in the mailbox.

But if you’re not consistent with your real estate newsletter, mailing it to your best past clients every month, then you risk losing ground.

The same is true of your real estate email marketing, blog, and real estate social media marketing.

Think of your marketing as a snowball rolling down a hill, gradually going faster, and picking up more and more snow. What happens if you stop that snowball? Well, it will stop growing!

So, when it comes to your marketing, don’t stop the snowball! Consistently reaching out to your clients — as well as your real estate geo farm prospects — keeps your reputation and relationships with your contacts growing.

Think about it. Does it really make sense to try to create a “stand out” billboard or advertisement that will rock your market? What’s the chance of that happening?

To truly make your marketing stand out, get noticed, and work well with the people that matter — your prospects, past clients, and geographic farm residents — consistency is a must.

And a good real estate marketing system with consistency built-in will make that happen for you.

Something to think about!