Some of The Best Discount Real Estate Companies in 2022

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Real estate is flourishing across the country. The property will most probably get flooded with offers within a week of it being on the market. But, selling a property using For Sale By Owner websites is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you do not have enough time and do not want to put in a lot of effort, it’s better to choose a real estate company to do the job. With over 100,000 real estate companies nationwide, choosing the right one that meets your requirements can be a bit difficult. If you want to save money on commission, plenty of real estate companies that offer discounted commission rates are also available. Picking the right real estate company for selling your house is vital. Let’s look at the details of some of the best discount real estate companies in the country.

What is a discount real estate company?

A discount real estate company provides in-built commission savings for home sellers. Most of these companies charge rates as low as 1% or a flat fee, whereas the traditional realtors charge a 2.5 to 3% listing fee.

A list of the best discount real estate companies

  • Redfin
  • Redfin, a top discount real estate company, offers solid savings with few built-in risks. 
  • However, agent experience and availability could be an issue with Redfin.
  • Also, they do not have the cheapest realtor fees in the full-service tier.
  • The company charges a base 1.5% listing fee.
  • The listing fee can be dropped to 1% if you are buying with Redfin.
  • But these charges are dependent on a minimum fee, which is as high as $6,500. This could limit your savings if you're selling a lower-priced property. 
  • Redfin has a pool of in-house agents. These agents manage about three times as many customers at once as the traditional realtor. 
  • If you have a complex selling situation or it’s your first time selling, then a single agent handling multiple customers at the same time can be a problem.
  • You should check Redfin reviews for more information.


  • Ideal Agent
  • Ideal Agent helps you find agents across the country who will list your home for just 2% commission. 
  • They negotiate discounted realtor fees with experienced, top-quality traditional agents.
  • This method allows you to save on commission and still get a good home selling experience.
  • However, Ideal Agent only sends you a single agent match in your area, unlike its competitor companies. 
  • Check out Ideal agent reviews for more information.


  • Houwzer
  • While selling a luxury home, Houwzer helps you maximize your savings with only nominal service trade-offs.
  • Houwzer charges the same listing fee regardless of what your home sells for, just like other flat-fee real estate brokerages.
  • If you're selling a home worth $1 million or more, Houwzer's listing fee provides remarkable value.
  • However, you as a customer cannot make much savings with Houwzer, if your house is selling at a lower price point. 


  • SimpleShowing
  • SimpleShowing’s listing fee is just 1% or $3,500 on homes below $350,000.
  • The company provides services only in a few markets, primarily in the Southeast.


  • Prevu
  • Prevu charges a 1.5% listing fee.
  • Their listing fee is fairly modest if you compare it with other full-service real estate brokerages. 
  • Prevu is available only in a few posh metro areas. 
  • Also, Prevu charges high minimum fees in some locations. So, your potential savings may be limited to lower-priced properties. 
  • The company offers solid savings on commission for both buyers and sellers. 


  • Clever Real Estate
  • If you go through the Clever real estate customer reviews, it’s clear that the company is one of the top picks for discount real estate companies. 
  • Being a full-service nationwide brand, the company offers an extremely affordable listing fee of just $3,000 or 1%.
  • Clever negotiates discounted rates with top-rated agents at traditional brokerages throughout the country, such as Keller Williams, RE/MAX, and Century 21. 
  • Clever real estate customer reviews also state that by paying only a fraction of the typical fee, the customer gets all the services and support of a traditional agent.
  • You need to answer some basic questions about your home so that the company ca n match you with local realtors that best suit your needs. 
  • You can interview as many agents as you like until you find the exact match.
  • If you do not find an agent that meets your requirement, you can walk away with zero obligation. 
  • As per some Clever Real Estate reviews, Clever is not upfront with all its charges. For instance, few of the customers were under the impression that a 1% commission also includes closing charges.

If you think selling through For Sale By Owner websites is not for you, then it’s better to choose a good real estate company as quickly as possible. Finding the perfect discount real estate company for your real estate deal is essential. Undoubtedly, you have a big decision to make when choosing a real estate company. The huge pool of real estate companies is enough to make you feel overwhelmed. Choose a company that best suits your requirements and be ready to enter into the world of the real estate business.

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