Selling Your House Fast and Other Home-Sale Related Ways to Make Cash

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You never know when you’re going to need money fast. By fast, I mean desperately fast. Maybe you’ve totaled your car while at the same time, you’re behind on your auto insurance payments, and you don’t have the money to buy a new one. How will you get to work? 

Or maybe you need some sort of surgery that’s going to costs thousands in out-of-pocket expenses plus time away from work. Perhaps your furnace has gone caput in the middle of a cold winter. Or maybe you have a gambling problem and you’ve gotten in way over your head and now you owe some unsavory people a whole lot of money they want now, or else!

While these situations might sound dramatic in nature, they are by no means entirely unrealistic. One good way to come up with fast cash is simply to sell your home or condo as fast as humanly possible. That said, if you’re a homeowner who’s in financial trouble and who has been constantly asking yourself, How can I sell my house fast? there is a viable solution. 

Says the Ontario based Mortgage Broker Store, you might have already made the decision to sell your house as fast as you can since it’s your most valuable asset. Selling a home is a stressful enough situation without having to unload it as soon as possible. The traditional method of selling a home is way too slow. This is where a “cash home buyer” comes in handy, since they will purchase your home on the spot, no questions asked (or very few questions anyway).   

In the meantime, what are some of the other things you can do to make some desperately needed fast cash? According to a new report, the best way to pay for unexpected disasters that cost a lot of money is to have “a fully stocked emergency fund.” 

But the majority of Americans, especially in these times of spiking gas prices and hyperinflation, are living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, only about four out of ten Americans have enough cash set aside to handle a $1,000 emergency. Broken bones, busted automobiles, and damaged furnaces cost lots more than that.  

With all this in mind, if you choose to sell your house for some fast money, here are some ideas that can help you along the way.  

Return Recent Purchases Immediately

Starts at the start. You’re short of cash and moving out. That means, all those recent purchases have got to go. 

Lots of major retailers are said to have “generous return polices.” Some stores offer a no-strings-attached, lengthy timeline for returns. For instance, Kohl’s will offer 180 days for returns, while Nike gives you 60 days. Outdoors outlet, L.L. Bean, will give you a full year to return your purchases even if you’re been using them.    

If you find yourself in desperate need of cash, returning recent purchases might be the quickest solution. 

Sell Stuff and Declutter

Don’t have any recent purchases to return? You can then look for things you can sell and that declutters your existing home. You might have lots of valuable items already in your possession such as used laptops, bikes, weightlifting and exercise equipment, skis, video games and consoles, furniture, jewelry, clothing, books, and more. 

One of the fastest and most expeditious ways to sell your stuff is with Facebook Marketplace. Facebook doesn’t ask for a commission, and you also won’t have to ship anything because the buyer will be local. They will likely be willing to pick the item up at your doorstep if you choose. 

You can also sell your stuff via Craigslist, although this site is not as popular as it once was. 

Put Your Home Up for Sale at the Right Time

After you’ve sold all your stuff, it’s time to sell your house. But you don’t want to sell at any old time. Sell when it’s a seller’s market. Of course, the housing market is fluid and subject to “ebbs and flows” annually. 

It’s not entirely impossible to sell a home in mid-winter, for instance, but you will certainly have much more success in the springtime when all those buyers start looking around for decent quick home grabs. If you wish to sell your home quickly to make some fast cash, you should probably list it no later than February to take full advantage of that springtime and summer activity.

Choose the Right Sale Price

Naturally, if you’re looking for a quick sale, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to make as much cash as possible off of it. But say the experts, you need to be realistic too. That means you need to price your home according to “what the market is dictating at the time.” This is especially true if you want to sell your home quickly. 

Note: you don’t need to underprice your house, but you still need to choose a range that has a starting price you and your real estate agent can live with. 

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