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Tip 76. E-mails can go only to one of four places: FADS.

When you open your e-mails, do you just kind of look at them and wonder where they should go? Or do you just leave them in your Inbox and not even consider moving them?

Information from your e-mail Inbox flows to four places the same way as it does from your desk Inbox.

All e-mails go to one of the following:

Forward                  Forward it. This is the equivalent of using a yellow sticky
                                   note on a piece of paper in your Outbox. Limit it to one
                                   sentence, please.

Action                      Drag the e-mail to one of your Action Category folders in
                                    your e-mail program. Or print out the Action and place it
                                    into your desk Inbox.

Delete                      Delete it.

Save                         Save it in a Support Category folder in Windows Explorer.

Remember, if you look at it, move it.

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