Spruce Up Your Kitchen – 2 Easy Ways to Give it New Life

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Give Your Kitchen New Life with These Tools!

... or Advice for Someone Who Likes to Keep Things!

What can you do to spruce up your kitchen?

  • Clean it good?
  • Organize it a different way?
  • A kitchen remodel, renovation, or update?

Help is coming!

Use our handy clean-up list and find great ideas for your whole new kitchen!


Whether you do it all at once, at a couple of different times, or in a few 15-minute increments, this kitchen clean-up guide can help you get to your goal.

TIP: Find a friend who wants to spruce up their kitchen as well! Schedule a time to work together on both kitchens. This way the work will go faster, but you’ll have an unbiased helper when it's time to get rid of items from your cupboards.


Supplies You Need: Your favorite all-purpose cleaner, cleaning rags or paper towels, a garbage can, shelf liners, organizing tubs/trays or shelves, a notepad to create a list of items to purchase, boxes to put items in to give away. 

Do a fast cleanse of the entire kitchen.

Try not to get hindered in the itemized arranging or sorting now. You know what you don't need! It will help move items out of the way for your next steps.

Empty the cabinet under the sink.

(Indeed, this is the grossest part so we should simply move it… ) Scrub the base and side dividers. Put down a rack liner prior to bringing items back. Wash the trash bin and different things. (Far better, get another trash bin!) Dispose of old cleaners and supplies. Utilize a caddy or plastic tub to corral cleaning supplies when you set things back.

Empty cupboards that contain food supplies.

Clean all the shelves and organize things. Discard all outdated food. This includes canned products, spices, dry goods, and so forth. Keep a rundown of the things that are essential to replace. Fill your cabinets back up ... overall quite nice!

Empty all your utensil drawers.

Clean inside and the trays you need to keep. Put back just the pieces you need to keep and give away the rest.

Empty all other drawers.

Clean the inside parts and organizers. Set back just the things you need to keep and give away the rest. Reuse old kitchen towels and put in the ragbag for cleaning or messy projects.

Empty all lower storage cabinets.

Clean the shelves and set back just the things you need to keep. You know what to do with the rest. Think about keeping seasonal things you use in another area assuming you have space accessible.

Empty all your upper cupboards that contain dishes.

Clean the shelves and organize. Set back just the things you need to keep… Add to your giveaway pile.

Clean up window ledges and wall shelves.

Clean within the window (outside can occur at some other point). Don't forget the ledge and those little crevasses. Assuming you have any decor things on the shelves or wall, this is a great opportunity to tidy them up, part with some things, or replace them with a new thing.

Take everything off the counters.

Clean the entire surface and the backsplashes as well. Reseal stone ledges, tile, and grout depending on the situation. Since you have cleared out your pantries, you might have space to hide some things out of sight. Return just the things you need to keep and put the rest on the countertop.

Clean the cabinet doors and fronts of drawers.

Utilize the right sort of cleaner for wood, painted, or coated cabinets.

Clean the front of all kitchen appliances.

If you use your refrigerator as a magnet board, it's a good time to take everything off but leave a few. The rest can be saved.

Optional: Cleaning Inside Refrigerator and Oven

Cleaning inside your appliances always needs to be done. Make it a part of your clean-up or save it for a different day.

Now that your kitchen is sorted and cleaned, you may realize that you need some new organizational items.

As you’re cleaning:

  • Keep a list of things of new things you need or items that need to be replaced.
  • Measure your cabinet spaces, openings, and drawer dimensions.
  • Keep this list of things with you when you shop!

Part of decorating is purging the items that aren't working and replacing them with the right thing. You could just swap out canisters, baskets, or furniture for something that fits into your space and lifestyle better. At home department stores there is a huge variety available or you can get creative with what you already have.



If a good scrub and organization is not enough for your worn-out kitchen, maybe it’s time to think about an update or total remodel. If that's the case, be sure to know what you need to make your kitchen the space that works for you and your family.

Depending on your decorating style, you may like to display a lot or a little. Either way, designing a kitchen and organizing it a way that brings you joy will give you much satisfaction. After all, you are the one that lives there!

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