Telsa Homes: Good Choice or Not?

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On the Big Island of Hawaii Ainamalu was the first development to promote Tesla products to all their homeowners.  Just about all the people that purchased added solar panels as well as batteries in the garages.  

Within the first six months of installation close to 50% of the homeowners reported problems with the Tesla systems.  Most issues related to the interaction between the panels and the batteries.  Most owners that had pools installed had problems with the operation of the Tesla system.

The greater issue was that the follow up support from Tesla was next to non existent.  Almost all homeowners reported being able to get a hold of Tesla support on the mainland, but although appointments would get scheduled no one would show up to them.  

Ainamalu is over three years since the homes were built and many homeowners are still experiencing the same issues as when they purchased the home.  In Hawaii we can be limited to services, but that should be taken into consideration prior to installing dozens of systems here.  

For the most part homeowners lover their homes outside of the ongoing Tesla issues.

Has anyone else experienced this issue in other places in the US?

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