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Tracy is a city in San Joaquin County. There were 93,000 residents in 2020. The San Joaquin County Assessor's Office assesses property taxes in Tracy. A property's assessed value is based on its fair market value, which the county assessor determines. Calculate your property taxes by multiplying your assessed value by the mill levy.

We've got you covered for first-time homebuyers or those curious about Tracy's property taxes! Continue reading for details on how these taxes are calculated and examples of what you might pay.


An Overview of Property Taxes in Tracy, CA

San Joaquin County's median home value is $313,800. Property taxes in Tracy, CA, are based on value. The total tax is determined by several variables, including the assessed value of the property and the tax rate.

To change this assessment, the homeowner must either do major renovations or sell their home for a higher price than the assessor determined. However, few people can afford these upgrades, so most home assessments will remain unchanged, even if the property's value has increased.

In Tracy, CA, most homeowners own housing worth more than they paid, resulting in higher annual property taxes. In some cases, the tax rate varies by city. Some people try to reduce their assessed value to reduce their taxes, but this is a complex process that isn't always successful. To make the best choices for their families, homeowners should understand their property tax obligations.


How Property Taxes in Tracy, CA are Calculated


Property Tax Rates in Tracy, California

The assessed value of a home is the purchase price. So, in California, the property value is used to calculate the property tax rate. The assessed value rises annually in line with the California CPI (Consumer Price Index). Remember that these increases are capped at 2%. A long-time resident's assessed value is often less than the market value.

California offers a $7,000 principal residence tax exemption. The $7,000 reduction in assessed value lowers your annual tax bill by $70. You must apply for this exemption only once and as soon as possible after purchase.

The median annual property tax in San Joaquin County, California, is $2,663, with a 0.85% effective rate. The public has approved many “Mello-Roos” taxes to fund specific projects or causes. Property owners decide whether or not to impose Mello-Roos taxes, which support local government services and improvements (LPUs). To estimate their property taxes, Tracy, California, homebuyers should multiply their home's assessed value by 1%. Local taxes of around 0.25 percent are added to the 1% base rate.

We hope this article has provided an overview of Tracy, CA property taxes. If you have any questions or need help acquiring a property in this area, please contact us.

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