Tips: Do you Train your Tenants or Do they Train You?

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Weirdly, tenants have to be trained to follow the rules or they will walk all over you.  Anyone that can't respect the rules is not someone that you want to keep as a tenant.

It is important for Landlords to follow and enforce every part of the lease.  Landlords must not give one time waving of a late fee or payment plans for late rent. If someone is late you can not agree to getting paid later without compromising the lease agreement.  I learned this the hard way.  For example: If someone says, "I can't get you rent until the end of the week" you don't say "okay".  You need to say, "I understand your difficulties, but it is in your best interest to get caught up as fast as possible."  Otherwise, you have agreed to new terms that are outside of the lease agreement and you've put the whole agreement in jeopardy.  Plus, this way they feel the pressure to get caught up.  I also suggest posting a 3 day notice the very 1st day they are late.  I print mine on pink or red paper to make them more intimidating.

It all sounds harsh but it keeps life much easier for me and I have plenty of tenants that like working with my company and stay for a long time.  They understand right from the beginning what is expected of them and what they can expect from me.  In saying all of this I'm not all mean.  I do my part too, I take care of the property, I'm quick to resolve a problem and maintenance issues and I'm fair when it comes time to return a security deposit.  The tenant is still the customer and needs to be treated like you appreciate their business but at the same time real estate is too expensive to put up with any of their games.

Jeff Stinson

Property Manager

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