Where will 2024 Home Prices and Mortgage Rates Be?

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Have you contemplated what home prices and mortgage rates will be in 2 years from now or 2024? Not clearly coming into focus? (Photo: Crystal Ball by BrandeePember Pixabay)

I have a feeling home prices and mortgage rates will be both higher than they are now. Home Buyers will be saying....oh ONLY if we had purchased back in 2022.

Those that have purchased a home during the past year have made a great investment and their wealth is still growing and their monthly payments are LOCKED IN with home prices, mortgage rates and overall inflation increasing.

In fact, actual families that have purchased a home have seen their Phoenix area homes double in price during the past 5 years. Home ownership is also the American dream and a chance to build equity and see your home appreciate. May be time to STOP DREAMING and stop procrastinating or putting it off any longer by giving me a call or text at 480-242-6500 for Homes For Sale in Phoenix Metro. (Dreaming photo- SkitterPhoto from Pixabay)

Metro Phoenix’s median home price should hit another record $470,000 in April and will likely increase again to $475,000 by mid May (once final numbers come in) per the Arizona Republic on May 2, 2022.

Home prices have about DOUBLED since 5 years ago in the Phoenix Arizona metro including Scottsdale, per Catherine Reagor in the Arizona Republic on February 27, 2022

Home Appreciation

Those that did not procrastinate and ACTED and bought homes in the past 5 years have seen their homes double in price and accumulate appreciation equity. Not many investments do that and a family gets to live in the home and enjoy it. NOT BAD! (Photo: Home Equity and Selling Price increases from Pixabay)


Median House Prices Last 3 Years in Phoenix Arizona Metro

$475,000 May 2022 (forecast from MLS contracts in system)

$470,000 April 2022 (Expected pending final numbers)

$460,000 March 2022 

$450,000 February 2022

$427,000 December 2021

$333,000 December 2020

$290,000 December 2019

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Moving to Sunny Arizona

Are you ready to move...think about the sunny Phoenix metro in Arizona? Yes prices are on the rise but rising mortgage rates are still closer to historic lows at 5.1% than highs. Both home prices and mortgage rates are expected to rise further in 2022. 

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