How to Write Blog Posts That Rank on Google for SEO

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Are you looking to improve your website's SEO? If so, you need to start writing blog posts that rank on Google. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to do just that. We will cover everything from keyword research to on-page optimization. By following our tips, you can write blog posts that not only look great and are informative but also rank high on Google for SEO!

We will also provide you with a few tips and tools of the trade. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more!

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Does blogging help with SEO?

Blogging helps increase search engine visibility because the site will help you answer questions and provide more accurate results. Blog posting that utilizes several on-page optimization techniques may be more effective for ranking in search engines. While blogging can help boost SEO, it’s likely that Google’s new algorithms will be hard to find. Some blogging rankings have endured the tests while others are regarded as older-fashioned. List the main factors influencing blog SEO in both direct and indirect ways. Tell me the best advice.

How can I optimize my blog content for search engines?

SEO can be difficult for some people. It takes a while to get the results. So for beginners, you can split the tasks into smaller chunks to start with while learning more complicated aspects of a search engine optimization strategy. We’re presenting some good SEO tips that will improve the visibility of your site and get more traffic.

10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post

  • Keyword Research
  • Choose a Topic
  • Write an Engaging Title
  • Focus on Reader Experience
  • Link to other pages ON your website
  • Include Images & Visuals
  • Set Categories and use Tags
  • Write a compelling Meta Title and Meta Description/Excerpt
  • Include Structured Data Markup or SCHEMA
  • Share to Social Media
  • Track Performance with Google Analytics
  • Repurpose Old posts
  • Use SEO Tools & Plugins

Before you start: do keyword research & choose a topic

When writing an article, you need to find keywords and choose a topic. It is ok to write about your industry, but more often than not you should write about other topics that your readers WANT to read. Some of those topics can include seasonal like Holidays and Events or Local, like things to do nearby or local places to visit. Once you know what you want to write about you can do some keyword research to find keywords that have traffic so you can make sure you are targeting a topic that will bring you results.

  • Use a Topic Research Tool to find topics that are trending
  • Do your Keyword research to find a focus keyword and related keywords. Long-tail keywords with low competition are your best chance of getting to #1

While you are writing, Use your Keywords throughout the Content

  • Use your focus keyword at the beginning of your first paragraph at the end.
  • Use your primary and secondary keywords in the headings and subheadings
  • Do NOT Keyword stuff.
  • Check your readability to make sure your content sounds natural

Write Headings and Titles that will Engage Your Readers

The title to your blog is the first thing that will draw a reader in and get someone to click through therefore it could be said that it is the most important part of the blog! It is also what will determine your CTR on Social Media. The ideal title length is 11 to 65 characters and the most successful titles use a formula to grab the attention of readers. Here are a few tips for writing headlines that get CLICKS:

  • Use a Number for the WIN! 5 Tips to ......
  • Use words that are descriptive to generate attention such as Hot, Amazing, Free, Helpful, and Incredible
  • People love TIPS, DIY, Tricks
  • Trigger Words are great like ‘Why’ and ‘How’
  • Promise them something: 5 Ways to Guarantee a Tax Refund

ActiveRain 5 SEO Headline Strategies

Focus on Reader Experience: Readability is a big Google Signal for SEO

How you write is nearly as important as what you write. Readability means the ease with which a reader can read, take in and understand the text.

ActiveRain F Pattern Reading


Every blog is a chance to boost another blog or page on your site. Only a handful of blog posts will earn you the most traffic. Each blog you write is an opportunity to capitalize on that. Throughout your post, you should use keywords to link to other blog posts or important pages on your site.

  • Link to other important pages or posts on your site
  • Link to ONE high ranking site
  • Add related posts near the end of the article.
  • Add Call-to-Action's when possible

Images & Visuals

  • Blog Image with Text on it - Canva
  • 1 or 2 images throughout - Royalty Free Stock photography sites
  • Use a VISUAL if you can! Even higher engagement

Categories and Tags

Blog structure can be just as important as content. Making sure you use Categories & Tags is essential to a successful blog. They both work to group content on your blog to make it easier for readers to seek out similar topics. Categories are like broad topics or like the way a book store is divided up into genres. (multiple categories OK!) Tags are used to describe your post in more detail and can include keywords. They are similar to Hashtags

Metas, Excerpt & Schema

A meta description is a short description used to describe the content of your blog post. It is what shows up in the search engines under your title and the FIRST piece of content that will get readers to CLICK through.

  • Write a compelling description that is no more than 160 characters long
  • Mind the Competition - check them out and use their ideas to write something similar
  • Use a Keyword in your Description
  • Fill in your SCHEMA information
  • Copy your Description to your EXCERPT!

Social Media

The success of your blog stems not only from the readers you get from the search engines but also it's success on Social Media. The more people that share your blog post the more Google juice you get!

  • Encourage Readers to SHARE your post with their friends
  • Make sure you fill in the Social Media fields
  • Use a plugin to auto-share your post
  • Don't forget to share it on YOUR social media pages!

ActiveRain How Social Media helps SEO

Track Performance

If you want to show up in Google then you MUST use Google's tools!

  • Set up Monthly Reports to be emailed to you in Google Analytics by clicking the EMAIL icon on the corner of any report you are viewing.
  • Check Google Search Console a week after it has been published to see if Google has indexed it. Request indexing if needed
  • Check the PERFORMANCE tab and view the pages to see how your post is doing
  • Make changes to your Meta Description to get better click-throughs and bounce rates

Repurpose old posts

Go look at your blog posts in Google Search Console and see choose old posts that performed well and decide what can be done to deliver a fresh experience!

  • Change it up with new information that updates it to the current data
  • Write a FOLLOW UP Post with new updated information
  • Create a Video to go along with your post and make a new Video Vlog post
  • Re-post it to all of your Social Media Business pages

Use the Right Tools & plugins

Blogging Tools:

  • Tracking tools like Google Analytics & Google Search Console &'s Heatmap
  • Topic research Tools like Google Trends or
  • Graphic Tools like &
  • Blog Topic Generators like SEMRush or WebFX
  • A Calendar to set up a blogging schedule like Hootsuite or Loomly
  • Keyword Research Tool like Google Keyword Planner tool
  • Readability Tool like or
  • Grammar tool to check your Grammar like
  • Royalty-Free Stock Photography like Shutterstock or


  • SEO Plugin like YOAST or All-in-One SEO
  • SEM Rush
  • Google XML Sitemaps

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