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There aren't that many Wisconsin 203k consultans and it is clear the need is there.

Jon Hempel has been received with open arms and his goal is to give every 203k project his full attention. The fastest way to close your loan is to get the consultant out there first. 

The proper order of events should be:

1. Get your client pre approved by a lender/LO.

2. Call the consultant and get the consultation ordered. Borrower and consultant work together to create a "scope of work".

3. We can do the home inspection too if you are going to get one and we can do it at the same time as we do the consultant.

4. Get your termite or WDO report and get the results to the consultant.

5. The consultant and client by now have created the Scope of Work and the consultant has bid the job. Now it the "bid" is ready to send to the contractor. All this has appened within about 4-8 days. A wise lender will actually start underwriting this loan with our bid. They can even order the appraisal as the appraiser only needs to know what improvements are being made so they can use that in their appraisal. This is congruent timelines and how they work. All of us  are working on the project at the same time in our own lanes to close these loans faster. After all, we get paid up front by our LO and Realtors get paid once it closes. 

Our primary service areas are Chippewa Falls, Altoona, Fall Creek, 
Hallie, Lake Wissota, and Lafayette, WI. We look forward to working with you.

Jon Hempel is the local 203k consultant that covers these areas.  Like his page and follow him for local news on the 203k https://activerain.com/blogs/kamodo


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