Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Westfield, NJ

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Westfield, New Jersey, is a wonderful place to call home! It's no surprise that this community is growing rapidly, given its stellar reputation for public education and a lively downtown.

Before making a move to Westfield, a few things you should know are as follows: What it's like to live in this beautiful New Jersey town will be disclosed in this post.


Westfield, NJ Cost of Living

Westfield is a wealthy town in Union County, New Jersey. One of the things you will want to think about before moving to Westfield is how much it will cost you to maintain your current standard of living there. In Westfield, NJ, the cost of living is 75% higher than the national average. At 305.1, the highest COL index for housing, homes in this region are three times more expensive than the national average. The average price of a home in this town is $957,706, making it one of the more expensive places. In Westfield, the average monthly rent for apartments is between $1,800 and $3,452.  Rental prices for a one-bedroom apartment are $1,800; for two-bedroom apartments are $2,680; and for three-bedroom apartments are $3,452.


Westfield, NJ Schools

An evaluation of the state's public schools places Westfield Public Schools in fourth place. The district's ten schools serve a total of 6,214 students. Many private schools are available in the town, including a Catholic school, an Episcopal school, and a Montessori school.


Westfield, NJ Weather


You should also think about the weather in Westfield before making a decision. Temperatures get warmer, and flowers start to bloom in the spring, but summer is when things get hot and humid. The atmosphere in the fall season is more laid-back, and leaves begin to change color, while winters are cold with the occasional snowfall. 


The Commute Time in Westfield, NJ

NJ Transit offers rail and bus service in Westfield for commuters. It's possible to get to Newark Penn Station via the Westfield train station. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get to Newark via non-stop service, and it takes about 50 minutes to get to New York. There are also direct rides to New York Penn Station during off-peak hours. Every day of the week, the town center is served by the NJ Transit bus route 113, which travels to New York City. Routes 114 and 117, which can be picked up from Route 22, are also available. The Route 59 bus from NJ Transit makes stops in Newark. Route 22 provides an additional convenient access point to Newark Liberty International Airport.


Major Attractions in Westfield, NJ


James Ward Mansion
The mansion's architecture, furnishings, and garden are of the highest quality. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about the family's history that formerly resided there. A visit to the James Ward Mansion will leave a lasting impression on visitors.


Liberty Hall Museum
The museum is housed in a Victorian-style mansion that dates back to 1772, when it was originally constructed. Enjoy a stroll through the museum's beautiful gardens. The museum's afternoon tea service, which includes freshly baked scones and delicate tea sandwiches, is a must-try while visiting.


Neighborhood in Westfield, NJ



Victorian-style homes and tree-lined streets distinguish Wychwood, a Westfield, New Jersey neighborhood. The Wychwood Historic District is included in the National Register of Historic Places and features several parks and playgrounds.

The Garden
Residents of Westfield, New Jersey's garden neighborhood, enjoy a peaceful and convenient standard of living. The houses are kept in good condition, and the streets are embellished with blooming flowers and trees. Residents of the garden neighborhood are likely to become acquainted with one another due to the strong sense of community that prevails in the area. Restaurants and cafes, shops, and galleries are also found in this part of town.


Kimball Avenue Historic District
A charming neighborhood known as the Kimball Avenue Historic District can be found right in the middle of Westfield, New Jersey. There are a variety of Victorian and Edwardian-style homes in the area, as well as numerous shops and dining options. In addition, the central business district, which is home to a wide range of retail establishments and service providers, is easily accessible from the neighborhood. An excellent place to live, work, and play can be found in the Kimball Avenue Historic District.

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