I Met a Submariner on Tuesday

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That must be a word and the correct way of spelling it because the word did not put a scraggly line under it. That is what we call a sailor who is stationed on a submarine. When I saw his cap, I knew he had been in the Navy, and I knew there were words to indicate where he had been stationed, as I stretched to look closer, he noticed.

 And I asked and he said he was on a submarine. I asked about his experience. He said they were underwater for months. I never asked if that meant two, three or fourteen. I asked where he said he did not know. You see he was a fireman, and it was boring. I knew very little about them they were on the ship I was on also, but mainly all they are for is to put out a fire, and we never have fires, well never that I knew of on my ship.

 He mentioned from Hawaii they flew him to Guam. My response was I was in Hawaii, on a destroyer and we went to Guam, so I bet I went over top of you off the coast of Vietnam. To which he responded it is possible.

 I always enjoy talking with people, especially people who I can connect with, and learn from them, and share some of the events of my life with them. If you don’t do it. Try it. You may be surprised.

 I hope your day is as great as mine

Dan Dee McGinnis

The Pumpkin Man


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