How to Make Your Airbnb Ad Shine

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Turning your property into an Airbnb will earn you lots of money, but only if you do it the right way.

In 2022, there have been 14,000 new Airbnb hosts added each month. With all of these new hosts, it's going to get harder and harder to make your Airbnb listing stand out from the rest.

One of the ways to ensure you've got enough renters booking your place is to make your Airbnb ad shine. In this post, we're going to give you a few great pointers that'll take your listing to a new level. Keep reading, and you'll turn your property into a lucrative side hustle.

Do Better With Your Title and Description

Your title, description, and pictures are what people are predominantly going to be looking at first. Your Airbnb marketing hinges on how you describe your property, so make sure you use enticing but accurate language. For example, your title should highlight the best feature of the property (ocean view, close to downtown, etc.).

When it comes down to the description, be as concise as you can. Make sure to highlight what makes your property a great find, but be honest about the downfalls. Never set your guests up for disappointment, as it will come back and haunt you in the reviews.

Fill Out Details Accurately

Fill out all of the details accurately as well. The property type, number of guests, location, and areas of the property that the guests have access to should all be clear. You never want guests being confused about these things because they'll end up booking another property.

Be clear about the house rules. If there are no parties allowed, then make sure you explicitly state that. If you require a certain amount of cleanup in lieu of a cleaning fee, tell your potential guests.

Showing It In the Best Light

In reality, the pictures are going to do the most legwork when it comes to Airbnb marketing. Try to avoid grainy smartphone photos and use a professional camera if you have to. It's going to pay dividends when more people are booking your property over the next one.

Post lots of photos for people to search through, and make sure to caption them when appropriate. You should also make sure to have the property cleaned before taking pictures. Click the following page to learn more about Airbnb cleaning services.

Improve Ranking

There are a few ways that you can improve your ranking on your local Airbnb listings page. The Airbnb algorithm has over 100 signals that determine a guest's search ranking, so you'll want to review them to see where you can improve your property.

For example, turning "Instant Book" on will improve your search ranking and secure you more guests. You can also improve your ranking by increasing the number of amenities on your property. Having a dishwasher, washer/dryer, air conditioning, WiFi, and self-check-in will boost your bookings.

Make Your Airbnb Ad Shine

Making an Airbnb ad for your vacation rental isn't the most exciting thing to do, but taking the time to do it right will pay off. Use these tips and start earning real money with your Airbnb in 2022 and beyond.

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