Living Through Inflation

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First, real estate agents (since I am one and have been since 1978) have a more detailed and in-depth consultation with buyers before you start your engine.

 Here are some suggestions to deal with what we are living in right now as example a gallon of gasoline is MORE THAN DOUBLE than the price it was fifteen months ago.

 Think about the worst crisis you ever went through, and I imagine this time is not as bad as that time. Am I correct?

 Paying $1.36 for a gallon of distilled water (if I can find it on the shelf) when it was 79 cents just about a year ago.

 A small coke and chalupa at Taco Bell (I am ashamed to say I stopped by there last week but was on my way to a Toastmaster meeting right after work. $9.50! I was shocked, had I not been hungry and knew I would not be home for 90 minutes I would have told them to keep it.

 Consider (if you haven’t already) cutting out, cutting back on things you do not absolutely have to have, for now. This could get worse. Earlier this week I heard by August $6. for a gallon of gasoline, that is $960. For a year of an increase.

 Finally, pray often, understand everything changes eventually, and think long and hard before you decide who you vote for in November and in 2024.

 I hope your day is as great as mine

Dan Dee McGinnis

The Pumpkin Man 

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