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How to Find Out How Much a House Sold For - Beginner Guide

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Finding out how much a house sold for is an essential part of real estate transactions. Before buying or selling a house, you need to know the market price in order to set a standard price range. 


To help you get started, we asked Realty Fresno to share their expertise on the subject. They gave the following tips on how to find out how much a house sold for:

Consult the Tax Auditor

There are two possible ways - online and offline. Some tax auditors provide sales information on their websites, usually at a small cost. You can look up your tax assessor's website in an online directory. Alternatively, you can pay a visit to their office in case sales information is unavailable online.

Refer to Property Records

Should your effort with the tax assessor fail, you can give it a shot at the county records office. With a title search, look for a deed of abstract - it usually contains information on the sale prices. Hiring a title company is another option, but it comes with a price that you may find expensive. Try referring to their website or drop by their office. 


You may be able to obtain the same information at little to no cost. If this method is not feasible, keep reading for other options on how to find out how much a house sold for.


How to find out how much a house sold for


Look Up Real Estate Websites

Apart from current homes for sale, most real estate websites also include data on history of sales. This information can be helpful in determining a sale price.


However, despite being the simplest way on how to find out how much a house sold for, it is often inaccurate. This applies to both big and small real estate websites. Therefore, you should only use this option to validate the information you have obtained from a more trusted source. 


For several data that are similar to each other in terms of sale price, you can work out the average and use it in your negotiations. On the other hand, varying sale prices means more research is needed to determine the most accurate figures.

Discuss with a Realtor

A Realtor should be able to assist you on how to find out how much a house sold for. Some examples include Realty Fresno. Accessing the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) allows these realtors to provide detailed information on local houses for sale and some data on sales history. Do prepare the address before turning to a Realtor for help.


Depending on which state you live in, information on house sale prices may not be readily available. While full-disclosure states allow easy access to this information, non-disclosure states do not provide it for public use. 


In this case, Realty Fresno realtor can provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). It is based on sales information from several homes with similar features. Therefore, it can help you determine if the home you are looking at is accurately priced.


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