What Are the Different Types of Wallpaper at Home

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Since before the 18th century, many varieties of wallpaper have been utilized to cover walls and serve as a decorative feature for interior spaces. It first appeared during the Renaissance as a less expensive alternative to tapestries, which were employed by the wealthy to cover stone walls, keep the heat out, and provide color to their apartments. Earlier wallpaper featured scenes rather than patterns, and England and France were the two largest makers.

This is a list of the various types of wallpaper:

Wallpaper with a Border

Wall Liner is a thick paper used to cover defects in walls. It is also known as Paper Wall Liner, Lining Paper, and Wall liner. The application of wallpaper liners is quite straightforward, and it is done in the same manner as ordinary wallpaper. Wallpaper liner will bring those old, worn-out walls back to life.

Wallpaper that has Been Printed

A decoratively printed nonwoven (paper) or woven (fabric) background for use on the walls of a home or business. There are four common ways for printing wallpapers, and designers select amongst them based on cost and aesthetics.

Wallpaper Made of Vinyl

Vinyl wallpaper comprises two layers: a base and a vinyl film. This procedure generates a thick, washable, and long-lasting wallpaper. The paper foundation of vinyl-coated wallpaper is treated with a chemical vinyl form, such as acrylic vinyl.

Wallpaper in Foil

A metallic sheet is used to create foil wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper patterns are accessible on foil wall coverings, but the design is printed on the metallic surface.


Wallpaper of a Flock

Flocked wallpaper is a simple method to give your walls some texture. Flocking is the process of applying tiny strands to paper to give it a velour-like texture. The flocking on these wall coverings will stand out whether the design incorporates florals, traditional damasks, or modern forms and patterns.

Wallpaper with Mylar

This sort of wallpaper has a paper backing and is printed on it. Mylar Wallpapers are washable because a polyester film is put on top of a decorative design. Similar to foil wallpaper, this wallpaper has a wet or shiny appearance. Because mylar wallpaper is prone to wrinkles, use additional caution when pasting and installing it. Before using Mylar Wallpapers, you should use liner wallpaper. The majority of mylar wallpaper is found in kitchens and bathrooms. The walls must be smooth and in good shape. The wallpaper is rather simple to take down.

Wallpaper Made of Bamboo

Natural bamboo wallpaper is a one-of-a-kind product. It's made of natural materials that are good for the environment. Bamboo reeds or vines are applied to glue-backed paper to create this wallpaper.


Wallpaper benefits your walls not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of longevity and durability. Even when working with solid colors, wallpaper is the most advantageous, lasting, and cost-effective option since it adds a cleanable and washable protective layer to the wall.

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