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Do you find it difficult to use PDF editors? Or more so, you can't even use one just because of how costly they are? UPDF by Superace Software Technologies is one solution to all your problems. 


It is convenient, but you can take advantage of tons of its useful features for FREE! No need to spend a single penny. Just download it or visit the website and get started with your editing.


So, how can you exactly use this free PDF editor? UPDF is user-friendly, and it takes merely a couple of minutes to learn how to operate it. 


You can use UPDF for various PDF editing purposes. It includes searching, copy/pasting, adding, deleting, compressing, viewing, organizing, sharing, and securing files. Let's dig into the details of the adobe reader alternative.


Key Features

  1. Edit a PDF:

UPDF allows its users to edit PDF text easily. You can add or delete the text. Moreover, you can edit, add or remove images from your PDF.


  1. View a PDF:

With UPDF, you can conveniently view multiple PDFs in a tabbed form. You can adjust the size of pages according to your device screen. You can add bookmarks to your PDFs. UPDF allows you to search for any specific word as well. It makes it easy to look through and saves your time. 

  1. Annotate a PDF:

 To make your PDF look presentable, you can add comments to the PDF by adding highlights, sticky notes, a text box, etc. You can also add shapes, including ovals, rectangles, etc. You can pick up its style, thickness, color, and opacity. 

  1. Organizing a PDF:

UPDF offers several tools with which you can make your PDF well organized. You can organize PDF pages by rotating or rearranging the pages with a single click and can delete any unwanted pages. You can also extract useful pages from your PDF. 

  1. Sharing:

With UPDF, you can share PDFs through email to your colleagues and friends. It also allows you to print the PDF effortlessly. 


Use Cases


Almost all other PDF editors are either expensive or limited files mount. At the same time, UPDF is freely licensed to use and has no limits over file management. 


It provides access to each of its features without any charges. As for now, UPDF is compatible with Mac and Windows. iOS and Android will be released soon.


Advantages of Using UPDF


  • First and foremost, UPDF is 100% free. It provides you with a large range of tools free of cost!
  • It is one of the most comprehensive and easily accessible PDF editors. One can easily learn to operate it in no time.
  • Its uniqueness and user-friendly services make it stand out from all the other PDF editors.
  • There are no restrictions of any kind, unlike other editors.
  • It allows you to save your PDF without any watermark.


Steps to Annotate PDF


We add annotations to a PDF to make it look more presentable and interesting to read. Let's look at how we can get this done using the free PDF annotator, UPDF.


Step 1: Open the PDF file that you are trying to annotate.


Step 2: Click on the Markup button to access the annotation mode.


Step 3: UPDF has a rich collection of annotation tools. Using these tools, you can easily annotate your PDF.


Step 4: Save the changes.




We hope this article helped you know how easy it is to access and use UPDF. It's the best Adobe Reader alternative as it's one of the most convenient tools out there that saves you both your time and money. 


With UPDF, you can easily enhance your PDF using a rich range of tools. We have also explained how to crop a PDF on mac in other articles. You can check them out. Thank you

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Great information.   Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!

Jun 05, 2022 08:06 AM