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In general, you should know that in this market, two types of professional or industrial cleaning machines are available – Tunnel Throughput Cleaning Machine and Carousal Machine. Which type of industrial cleaning machines is preferable? Do you need the highest efficiency? If the answer is yes, then a tunnel throughput machine and a carousel cleaning machine are your preferred options. In this way, you can reach the highest efficiency with the lowest number of cleaning machines – or even with one cleaning machine. Both types of cleaning machines are available in a wide variety of models, which allow you to choose the most suitable solution for your individual needs.

Difference between Both Types of Cleaning Machines

To get the best performance, you need to understand the difference between these two most popular industrial cleaning machines. In this way, you will be able to choose the right machine for your needs, to reduce costs, reduce the number of cleaning machines, to optimize productivity, and to improve the quality of the results of production processes. You can get more information here: https://www.noyen.com/cleaning-machines/.

Tunnel Throughput Cleaning Machines

A tunnel throughput cleaning machine offers high efficiency and high quality of the result. Its construction allows the formation of a large-capacity cleaning zone to apply cleaning technology which allows the cleaning of both positive and negative surfaces of the parts, and of the whole manufacturing system. Because of this, cleaning of negative surfaces is done in the central area of the system and the cleaning of positive surfaces is performed in the carousel.

Carousel Machine

The carousel cleaning machine rotates after loading the parts. This type of cleaning machine is relatively easy to construct and it does not require a big space to operate. Thus, the device is more suitable to industrial areas. The rotation speeds of these cleaning machines differ from 3 to 7 rpm. The cleanliness and efficiency of each cleaning are determined by the capacity of the carousel bath.

How does a tunnel throughput cleaning machine work?

The tunnel throughput cleaning machine is the fastest industrial cleaning machine, which can reach very high cleaning power in short periods. It is particularly suitable for the cleaning of automotive exhaust systems and spare parts. The cleaning is carried out by means of air bubbles which are blown through a linear jet in the vacuum zone of the machine. The technology of this type of cleaning machine is based on special nozzles, which form air bubbles in a vacuum zone through the energy of air. This works with little effort and has the ability to carry out the cleaning process at a high efficiency and without maintenance.

How does a carousel cleaning machine work?

The carousel cleaning machine is the longest type of cleaning machine, which is the best solution for the cleaning of relatively big parts. It works in the same way as the tunnel throughput cleaning machine, but the cleaning process is carried out in two different passes. The first one uses a high-speed, high-powered motor in a vacuum zone in order to blow a pressurized bath through a horizontal slot. This does not only reduce the loading time for the cleaning bath, but also means that the cleaning bath can be cleaned without residue. In the second passage, the cleaning bath is loaded into the cleaning chamber and is vibrated in order to dislodge accumulated residues. This also leads to cleaning the bath to a higher degree.


These two cleaning machines offer high cleaning power with minimal maintenance. They differ from each other by the fact that the carousel type of cleaning machine is much more suitable for cleaning large parts of the equipment while the tunnel type of cleaning machine is better for cleaning smaller parts. It is recommended to choose the tunnel type of cleaning machine to make sure that the washing process is effective in terms of cleaning parts and that it is also reliable to use. We recommend the Noyan company for getting your favorite cleaning machine.


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