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Natural Gardening Tips for the Beginner

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It is becoming common knowledge that the fewer chemicals we use in our lawns and gardens, the better it is for everyone. One roadblock of using fewer manufactured products on our plants is time–it is time-consuming to go even halfway organic. The following tips will get you started on a more natural approach to a healthy garden. 

  • While shopping for plants, pay attention to the plant information tags in the cell packs. Following those details are essential for good growth. 
  • Enriching the soil with compost is the first step to using nature to fertilize your plants, and one way to do that is with grass clippings! According to Mother Earth News, a mulch of 1”-2” of cut grass can feed your garden for the season.  
  • Earthworms are the source for many good things for plants and your soil. They can be purchased or save money and attract them naturally by adding plenty of organic matter to your garden soil.  
  • When and how you water your garden plays an important part in keeping diseases and pests at bay. A morning shower with a water hose can rid your plants of nasty aphids. Watering in the evenings can cause fungi and mildew to grow, and neither is easy to get rid of once they set in. 
  • Learn the difference between beneficial and unwelcome insects. For example, they may frighten us, but many stinging insects are taking care of the bad ones that are eating up our plants. The Sod God offers some excellent information as well as infographics to help you distinguish between the good and the bad. 
  • Row covers are a great and chemical-free way to keep not only insects away, but veggie-loving birds as well. If they cover your plants completely as they grow, they will provide a barrier between your plants and the bad guys. 
  • There are many natural products available to kill and repel insects: diatomaceous earth, insecticidal soap, horticultural oils, and capsaicin to name a few. As with chemical pesticides, follow package directions exactly to keep plants safe, as well as wildlife and pets.  

Going organic takes knowledge and a little extra work. Growing a Greener World is an excellent television source for natural gardening, and there are many books and magazines on the subject. Look for sources that have been certified as an organic entity or are written or produced by someone who has plenty of organic gardening experience. Reap the rewards of not only a great vegetable harvest or beautiful landscaping, but of keeping chemicals out of the environment. 

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