Top Real Estate Advice for 2022 So Far

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When to Leave Your Home & Other Showing Tips

Most sellers, especially those who haven't gone through the selling process before, are very curious about what happens at showings. What do buyers do in their homes? And how can sellers make the process most effective? - Maggee Miggins, Milburn and Short Hills Real Estate

How to Avoid Commercial Real Estate Pitfalls

The best way to avoid mistakes when buying, selling, or leasing commercial real estate is to hire an experienced commercial real estate broker. An experienced broker can save you time and money and will help you obtain the best terms and conditions.  Read more of Pam Pester's Post - Tampa Commercial Realtor®

Are You a Picky Home Buyer?

7 Top Tips to Snag a Home in a Difficult Market… Picky is OK. I get it. Many of our buyer clients are picky. Some come to us after they have viewed every home on the market and worked with several realtors. They still desire to buy a home… I had a buyer like that not long ago. Suzi had been looking for 2 years until a co-worker recommended us after the “wanna-be buyer” lamented about not being able to find a property to buy. Looking for 2 year is a long time to search, so I did speak with her. Read more by Tampa Buyers Brokers

4 Reasons to Negotiate After Inspection

Many buyers feel intimidated when they think about negotiating. However, if you wait to negotiate until after receiving a home inspection report, the process can be simple and straightforward. The key is to make sure to have your agent include an inspection contingency in your offer if you want to go this route.4 Reasons to Negotiate After Inspection Keep reading to find out why waiting to negotiate until after inspection can be the right idea, and how to do it. Westchester County Real Estate - The Hardesty Team

Should You Hire A Professional To Take Your Listing Photos?

Even though we likely have a high-quality camera in our pocket, thanks to smartphones, that doesn’t automatically give us a professional’s eye for detail. Pros skillfully use lighting, angles and staging to highlight the most attractive qualities of any room or facade. He or she should know exactly how to make a listing look more appealing. That means your home may sell faster and for more money. For more reasons why hiring a pro for your listing photography makes sense, see the accompanying infographic. Wheat Ridge Realtor Chuck Gonzalez

Tips for Buying Homes Outside of Big City Limits

The pandemic spurred on many new twists in the real estate market including how home buyers look for homes and what they are looking for in homes. One of these twists was a rise in the number of buyers interested in purchasing homes further out from dense urban areas/ big cities. Tips for Buying Homes Outside of Big City Limits The allure of having more home for the money and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor spaces both in the form of a larger yard and being closer to recreation was a major draw. This coupled with the ability to work remotely from anywhere led to a large number of people considering a move to more suburban and rural areas. Forgotten Coast Realtors of Florida

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Will Hamm
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Hello Tammy  and thank you for the great information to share with us here in the Rain.  Make it a great day!

May 31, 2022 12:05 PM
Kathy Streib
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Tammy- I loved that you gathered this wide variety of real estate-related advice!!!

May 31, 2022 06:42 PM