Durable and Low Maintenance Building Materials for New Construction

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When it comes to building materials for new construction, more and more companies are striving for options that are durable but also require low maintenance. It’s easier to keep up and less likely to cause buildings to look dilapidated before their time when it is handled that way. Construction materials come in a variety of easy-to-maintain options that can stand up to the wear and tear the environment throws its way. 

Check out the various low-maintenance, durable options below and see if they may be right for your upcoming construction projects. You might just find an option you didn’t know existed in the long run!

Steel Building

One type of durable, low-maintenance construction material option available is a steel building. These buildings are easy to get the right size, shape, and location you want for your new construction site. They can provide you with a very low-maintenance building that will look good for years to come. When it is insulated properly, it is a highly efficient property as well. You don’t have to worry about pests, huge fire hazards, and they are not as expensive to insure when compared to normal brick and mortar. The cost of steel building options can vary depending on the location, type of building, and size that you choose for your property. 

Many businesses are choosing this option for their low-maintenance, durable builds because they look great and offer multiple advantages. 

What Type of Siding Are You Using?

When it comes to the exterior of the building, metal lap siding is a top choice for durable yet low-maintenance construction. Not only does it come in a variety of style choices, it also helps to offer a wide range of benefits to you as the property owner. Commercial buildings can gain benefits such as:

  • Top fire rating - This is a less flammable building material making the fire safety inside better than normal. It’s vital that a commercial property is protected as much as possible.
  • Resist weather conditions - With a weather-resistant siding material, you can avoid the common damage that comes from high winds, storms, or even hail.
  • Consistent color - When you choose this siding material, the color is consistent throughout the lifespan. You don’t have to worry about it fading out over time.

Consider a Barndominium

Do you love the look of a barn but you’ve never considered that for an office or living space? It’s time that you do! Small barndominiums are taking the construction space by storm! They are a great option for efficient, low-maintenance living that offers ample space and benefits. 

They have high ceilings, offer energy-efficient layouts, plenty of space, and spray foam insulation in most of the ones constructed today. If you’re looking to learn the cost to build a barndominium, it generally starts at $30-$40 per square foot. These are just the basic options as they can be as minimal or as elegant as you like. These buildings offer great variety for those who want ample office space, a unique design, or a home with lots of space to relax and get back to a rustic look and feel. 

Below Grade Insulation And Other Options

When it comes to insulating your building, you want to consider options that last a long time with very little maintenance. That is where below grade comes in. This type of foundation insulation offers multiple thickness options, high load-bearing, termite resistance integrated into the product, and a stable, long-term R-Value as well. This is a top-quality choice for insulating commercial buildings to provide you with the comfort and security you’re after. The foundation may not be an area that you consider needing high insulation but you may be surprised to know you lose a lot of energy through that specific area. Using the right foundation insulation can stop that. 

One final choice in construction materials to consider is recycled plastics. This can become one of the top used products in construction in time. It offers a great way to not only provide durable material but also clean up the plastic waste that seems to grow by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. It is not yet approved for this use as it takes a lot of time and energy to make it into this type of material. However, it is believed that it will soon become a top construction option for durable, long-lasting, low- maintenance builds.

Keep your maintenance low and buildings looking great for years to come with these materials at your fingertips.

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