Should Curtains and Rugs Match?

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Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, a beautiful room décor requires careful and fashionable combination of several elements. Besides the large furniture pieces, you need to focus even on some small items that are sure to upgrade the space of your dreams. Decorating your home must give you joy, and not trepidation. While you need not hire a home decorator, you need to understand a few essential basics of decorating that would create a pleasing room.

Matching Curtains and Rugs

One essential question most homeowners ask, “Should the curtains match the rugs?” Yes, the curtains must complement the rugs. However, you need not purchase the curtains and the rugs in the same hue for each room. Updating either or both offers the simplest and most straightforward way of updating your home’s look.

Here are a few tips on how to coordinate and match curtains and area rugs based on patterns, colors, fabric and size.


Patterns and motifs are essential elements you need to match while choosing curtains and rugs for your home. The hierarchy in this case remains the rug first, curtain next. It means that the patterns of the rug will determine the pattern of the drapes.


Here are a few tips for incorporating patterned rugs and curtains:

  •    For large spaces you can mix up the scale, so that your living space do not seem like covered in a wallpaper. The patterns of the rug should be bigger than the curtains. The aim is not to make the space too overwhelming with the same feature.
  •    Do not try to match everything to the latter. It means if you have a rug with a strong geometrical shape, go for curtains that would complement the design but does not have the same pattern.
  •    You also need to keep the balance in the design without ignoring the rest of the items in the room. If the rug has heavy and bold patterns t, and the furniture follows the same concept, go for curtains that have little to no motifs.

Color Palettes

Both the curtains and rugs come in a variety of colors. Therefore, there are no set of rules to coordinate them. However, you can follow some guidelines that would make you feel confident in the matchmaking.


  •    Never match colors exactly, as it seems forced and unnatural. Start with a pale palette, and keep building up the color scheme. You can pick a color from the rug’s motifs and choose the same color of the curtains.
  •    If the rug has different colors, opt for the lighter color for the curtains. It creates an illusion of bigger and brighter room.

Curtain Fabric

Curtains come in different types of fabrics, each with their characteristics. Cotton is a versatile material, lightweight and easy to clean. If you have cotton rug, a lightweight rug or a small weaved rug in wool, cotton drapes are the perfect combination as they accentuate the rug and create a soft and warm blend in the living space.


  •    Velvet curtains are an excellent solution for big spaces with high ceilings. These curtains perfectly with Persian rugs, or with rugs having a sheen and glow on them.
  •    Wool curtains are a peculiar choice, mainly for clod climate. You can match these curtains with a thick wool rug with a fringe, covering a large area.
  •    Sheer curtains are a quick and fun solution for most living spaces. They go with almost any rug, as they are a lightweight material that would not overwhelm the characteristics and features of the rugs.


The quest for matchmaking between curtains and rugs can end here. You can pair these two décor items together through complementary colors, similar patterns and textures. Even you can pick the two hues in the same color family. Choosing any of them will beautify your home.

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Wayne Martin
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Good morning Emily. Great tips to avoid costly mistakes. No second chance for a first impression. Enjoy your day,

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Hello Emily Hanson very good helpful report about should curtain and rugs match.

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