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IRS Notices and Stimulus Info.

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Undoubtedly, one of the most dreadful moment in a person's life is getting an unexpected letter from IRS in the mail. It's hardly ever a check for a refund you overlooked or at least a "thanks for the life long business" thank you letter. 

Quite often it is a letter requesting you confirm your identity, a CP 2000, a Notice of deficiency or more escalated scenarios a lien notice or Intent to levy notice.  All of there notices require some response from your part so knowing what the IRS is asking for should be your first step. DO NOT IGNORE THE NOITCE. 

Start by reading the letter in it's entirety so you know what the IRS is sending you the notice for. Look for the tax year the notice references as well as the date of notice to assess how recent the notice is. 

2020-2021 Stimulus Payments :

Just as a reminder to all of you hard working folks: The stimulus payments came in 3 payments for most taxpayers over a two year period 2020 and 2021. Subsequently you can file a rebate recovery form to claim any unreceived stimulus payments. 

The most accurate form of confirming if your stimulus was received is by pulling your account transcript(s) for the year(s) in question from the IRS. This will outline if a stimulus payment was paid out and if you discover a missing rebate your next move would be to amend that year's return. 

IRS issues can be tedious and time consuming so often you are better off hiring a Tax Professional like myself to help you navigate through your IRS tax issues than doing it yourself.

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