Jeff Bishop Review (Raging Bull)

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Unconventional Prosperity

Jeff Bishop Review (Raging Bull)

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Who is Jeff Bishop?

Jeff Bishop is a professional trader that has been in the trading business for almost 20 years. In 2010, Jeff Bishop co-founded Raging Bull (a trading educational platform) with Jason Bond.

Jeff Bishop Review

Jeff Bishop has a strong background in finance. He graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in finance. Jeff also claims he is member of the MENSA, which is known as the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

Jeff has had a lot of success as an entrepreneur over the years and has helped many people learn the basics of trading stocks and options.


My favorite options program from Jeff Bishop is called Bullseye Trades. Check it out here – if you are an options trader, I highly recommend it!


Jeff Bishop Reviewed


Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull

Over the years Jeff has had several different businesses but it is clear his passion is with Raging Bull. Raging Bull is one of my favorite stock and option education services out there. Subscribers can learn everything from crypto to options trading.

Raging Bull offers a very comprehensive overall stock market education program. Jeff specializes in teaching options trading to Raging Bull subscribers.

After finding significant success in trading, Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond wanted to teach other people about their approach to the stock market, and how to make money through trading.

Today, the Raging Bull Trading educational program includes several other well-known pro traders and several specialized programs for specific trading strategies.


Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades

Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trades is one of my favorite options trading educational services (and my favorite service offered by Raging Bull!).

Members of Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trades get access to a suite of education video lessons on how to place options trades etc.

Every Monday morning Jeff sends out an email full of due diligence that he has done on his favorite trade idea for the week.

The email contains all the details about why Jeff likes the trade idea and includes his detailed plan for the trade.

It’s one of the lowest cost yet highest quality alerts services for this style of options trades that I have ever been part of.

The options trade idea that is sent out weekly is easy to understand and Jeff even does a video all about his thought process – live at 11 ET every Monday.

During the week Jeff often will do an update on how the trade is progressing and any actions he is taking. Jeff also does ‘flash sessions’ where he gets on and quickly does a live stream trade.

The Bullseye Trades service gives you enough knowledge to help you become an independent trader using Jeff’s techniques.

These Bullseye trades typically only last a few days. Subscribers are given all the information that Jeff is going to use to manage his own trade if he takes it.


Jeff Bishop Review: Conclusions

Jeff is an experienced trader that currently runs a few different options programs at Raging Bull. I have been following his Bullseye Trades service for several years now and have found it to be a really great educational service.

I don’t know of any options education programs out there that offer the value that Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trades does.




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Jeff Bishop Review (Raging Bull)

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