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Neighborhood Information


Lyon-Hoag is a thriving residential neighborhood in Burlingame, California, with a beautiful array of homes that have gained value over the years. It demonstrates a high standard of living and excellent property values in this area. Lyon-Hoag is a great neighborhood to call home, thanks to its clean streets, tall trees, and welcoming community. Many of the homes in Lyon-Hyoag have front yards with seating areas and trees, which add to the neighborhood's peaceful vibe. The community's paved walkways are kept in good condition so locals can stroll around and get to know the area. Burlingame, California is home to the affluent neighborhood of Lyon-Hoag, named after the Lyon and Hoag families who originally developed the land. We would be happy to provide you with any information you might need if you're interested in learning more about the homes currently on the market in Lyon-Hoag.

Those looking to move into the affluent community of Lyon-Hoag will find a wide variety of available homes to choose from, many of which feature stunning architectural designs and elegant interior decor. Lyon-Great Hoag's real estate portfolio features a beautiful garden space, aesthetically pleasing landscaping, and a variety of parking alternatives. Lyon-Hoag is home to a wide range of architectural styles, from classic houses to sleek high-rise condos. Most Lyon-Hoag homes were built between 1908 and 2021, giving families looking for either historic homes or newly-constructed dwellings in the neighborhood a more comprehensive selection from which to choose. As a result of its extensive real estate holdings, Lyon-Hoag is home to a wide range of homes constructed in different architectural styles, making it more attractive to a broader range of prospective buyers. Luxury apartments, modern townhouses, spacious single-family homes, and other types of housing can all be found in the Lyon-Hoag neighborhood.


Real Estate Information

Lyon-Hoag Houses in the real estate market typically go for anywhere from $862,500 to $5 million. Depending on the design and size of the lot, homes in the area can have anywhere from two to seven bedrooms and one to seven bathrooms. Interior living spaces range in size from 500 square feet to 3,600 square feet, depending on the plan and elevation chosen. The available lot sizes in this area start at 0.10 acres and go up to 0.29 acres. Lyon-real Hoag's estate units are frequently used to construct modern, Mediterranean, Tudor, and Arts & Crafts styles.


Neighborhood Location

East of downtown Burlingame, in a pristine part of California, is where you'll find the beautiful neighborhood of Lyon-Hoag. Celia's, a Mexican restaurant, can be found in the southern part of the Lyon-Hoag neighborhood, and Washington Park can be found to the north. In addition, both Magic Mountain to the east and Basecamp Fitness Burlingame to the west are within a short drive of the neighborhood. Burlingame Avenue forms the northern boundary of Lyon-Hoag, while Carolan Avenue serves as the western boundary. Peninsula Avenue is the southern boundary, and North Humboldt Street is the eastern boundary.

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Burlingame, CA Market Report:

Households: 12,150
Median Listing Home Price: $2M
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $1,300
Median Rent: $2,410
Average Days on Market: 39
Home Ownership Percentage: 48.1%


Burlingame, CA Community Report:

Population: 32,254
Average Household Income: $183,137
Median Age: 40.1
Associate's Degree or Higher: 41%
Cost of Living Score: 379%


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