MOVING TO TENNESSEE FOR DUMMIES~Start Afresh in a New City: Here's How

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Start Afresh in a New City: Here's How

Are you stuck in a rut and maybe feeling a bit low? Starting afresh in a new city could be what you need. Relocating will present challenges, but with planning and a desire for something better, you can successfully relaunch yourself someplace new.

Finding the Right City

Don’t think of escaping from where you are. Focus instead on where you’re going. Consider a city like Cleveland, TN. It’s a charming and vibrant place, culturally rich and historically significant. It offers an energizing blend of difference and familiarity, delivering the benefits of cultural shock without the drawbacks of moving to an entirely new society. Relocating develops self-confidence, broadens experience, and teaches you how to survive outside your comfort zone — a valuable skill in every walk of life. 

Choosing Your New Home

Choosing your new home or rental isn’t only about your budget, your location needs to support your ambitions, as your neighbors may be the links to your new life. Find a real estate agent with a great reputation who knows Cleveland inside and out as they’ll find a local property that ticks your boxes. You’ll also need to find a mover. National brands deliver good service, but you’ll just be a job number. A local mover has that personal touch and it’ll know your name. Before you hire a mover, do the following:

  • Read reviews: Read with caution, as fake reviews are common.

  • Find quotes: Get at least three quotes so you have an idea of the average cost.

  • Get a written estimate: Get a written estimate only after the company has made an in-home inspection, and never accept a verbal agreement.

  • Anticipate unexpected costs: Check if there are potential hidden costs and ask about the cancellation policy. 

  • Think about other services: Does the mover help with packing and provide storage?

Building a New Network of Friends

One way to make friends in a new city is to start a business. You’ll meet a wide range of people curious about the fresh face in the community while you’re searching for opportunities that match your skills or finding a gap in the local market. If you decide to be your own boss, create a business plan, which should include the following:

  • Mission statement: State the scope of your business’s purpose and its value to customers and clients.

  • Business offerings: Describe your services/products and how you’ll deliver them.

  • Business structure: Who are the owners and employees? Where is the business located? 

  • Funding: Where’s the initial cash input coming from?

  • Projected growth: Where do you see your business in the first month, six months, year, and five years?

Relaunching Yourself

If you stay focused on your goal of relocating to a city like Cleveland, TN, there’s no reason why you won’t succeed. With pre-planning, you can turn your low point into a high and grow your friend base. You could look back one day and your only regret might be not doing it sooner.

If Cleveland, TN, feels like it might be what you’re looking for, get in contact with Leonora Prince CCIM, a well-established real estate agent who can help you find your ideal property and introduce you to the city.


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