Active shooter and situational awareness training seminar

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Registration is open for the  “Active Shooter and Situational Awareness Training for the Workplace” seminar on Friday July 22, 2022 at DeRomo’s LaFontana Banquet Room, 26795 South Bay Drive, in Bonita Springs.


The workplace safety seminar is produced by HR by Karen, a human resources consulting company in Naples. Business leaders and individuals who want to have a plan in place for threatening workplace situations are welcome to participate.

The training will be led by Lt. Thad Rhodes from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.


Attendees will gain a better understanding of law enforcement’s response to violence in the workplace and learn what to do in threatening situations. In addition, resources will be shared that can help mitigate trauma from workplace violence events.


The event check-in begins at 2:30 p.m. and the program will begin promptly at 3:00 p.m. A reception will follow the training seminar to celebrate HR by Karen’s corporate anniversary.


A donation of $10 or more to the Collier Community Foundation Crisis and Disaster Relief Fund will be collected during online registration at

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Bill Salvatore - East Valley
Arizona Elite Properties - Chandler, AZ
Realtor - 602-999-0952 / em:

So sad we need to have this training at all.  just a crazy world we live in. bill 

Jun 16, 2022 12:31 PM
Randy Mitchelson,APR

Agreed. But I am glad my client is taking the initiative to help.

Jun 19, 2022 09:18 AM