Overcoming Loneliness When You Travel Solo

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When you travel solo, being alone can easily turn into loneliness. If you’re an introvert, it can be difficult to make small talk with strangers. Many people travel alone today, and just like you, they may also find it hard to reach out to others. Loneliness while traveling is more common than you think. Here are some tips that help you overcome loneliness while traveling solo. 

Choose your favorite environment

When you’re in your favorite environment, it is easier for you to relax and be yourself. If you love nature and enjoy being in surroundings where you can hike, swim and bike, you are less likely to feel lonely. 

You can book into Bay Colony Gull Lake vacation rentals in Minnesota with the help of the team at Gull Lake Beach Resorts. Staying in a rental by yourself still gives you many opportunities for interacting with others. You could go on a walking tour or a pontoon ride and easily strike up a conversation with others. 

Don’t let your fear hold you back

If it doesn’t come naturally for you to approach others, the key is to start small and just take a single action to break out of your shell. Say hello to someone and ask them where they are from. 

Taking one small action like this can help you to get over your fear. It isn’t easy to put yourself out there when you’re feeling lonely, and even approaching someone and saying hello may feel too daunting for you. As a first step, you could try to look more approachable, and others may start talking to you. 

Embrace your alone time

It often feels scary to be alone, especially when you have always been surrounded by people. When going on your first solo travel adventure, you will inevitably feel lonely at times. 

You can use the opportunity to embrace being alone. When you’re constantly surrounded by others, you don’t have time for inner reflection. Being alone with your own thoughts may be terrifying at first, but it can also be life-changing. 

Loneliness doesn’t mean you’re weak

Don’t keep telling yourself that you’re a lonely loser. If you are traveling solo, it means that you were prepared to leave the security of home behind and venture out on your own. That takes more guts than many people have. Feeling lonely doesn’t mean that you are weak. Keep reminding yourself that you are courageous and amazing.

Treat yourself

Sometimes when you’re feeling lonely, indulging yourself a little can relieve the feeling. This isn’t wallowing in your loneliness but simply taking some of the pressure off. Do what would make you feel happy when you were at home, whether it’s staying in your pajamas all day and reading a good book or grabbing a coffee at a coffee bar and spending time watching people go by. 

Sometimes you may confuse feeling exhausted with feeling lonely. It may help to just chill out for a while instead of trying to tick off adventure after adventure. Give yourself a little rest and then pick up where you left off – excited to explore again.

Go slow and engage with locals 

When you’re staying in one location for some time, go to the same coffee shop for coffee every morning or the same bar for a drink in the evening. More often than not, the regulars will start engaging you in conversation. 

Engaging with locals is one of the best parts of solo travel and can lead to invitations to meals etc. Locals can also tell you about places to go, like a favorite beach or where to eat local food at a good price.

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Hello Velva Dunn these are very valuable list of tips for overcoming loneleness when traveling solo.

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