Live Zoom How to Get Financing for Your Real Estate or Other Business Tue 7 PM EST

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Live Zoom How to Get Financing for Your Real Estate or Other Business Tue 7 PM EST


Live Zoom Event How to Get Financing you Need to Grow Your Real Estate Business Tue 7 PM EST


Leading Industry Expert, Gary Shelton is our speaker.

Gary helps you get business credit for your company EIN that’s not linked to you personally or your personal credit. Secure HIGH-limit vendor, store, fleet, and cash credit in your business name without a personal guarantee or personal credit check. No collateral or cash flow is required for approval.

Gary is eager to work with you. His business ezFinancial Group, LLC develops wealth-building strategies for real estate entrepreneurs and small business owners. That means two things: one, real estate entrepreneurs enjoy a turn-key wealth-building experience tailored to their needs and interests, and two: small business owners' experience sparking a legacy of wealth empowerment that lasts for generations. Gary just help two real estate entrepreneurs obtain over $10 million in lines of credit to buy discounted homes and helped two small business owners to ride their soul purpose to an early “retirement” just 2-7 years – not 30 years down the road. Gary asks his clients, "Do you want to build wealth as billionaires do?"

Just one of Gary's Many Programs:

125% LTV Buy-Fix-&-Flip Flagship Program
NO DOC Fix and Flip. Up to 90/100/70.
He does not document assets or tax returns.
12-month term, with a no-cost 3-month extension.
No Pre-Payment Penalty. Rate starts at 7.29% based on experience and Fico. Interest-only
Can close in 7 to 10 days after we get the appraisal.
No limit to how many deals you can fund.
Experience is required for maximum leverage,
otherwise, he adjusts the leverage levels.

You can read Gary's bio here
Gary’s current businesses market from the following websites:
(Gary is Co-Chairman of Strather Affiliated Companies)

Time:7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

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