Understanding the Closing Costs in Mountain View, CA: What to Expect

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If you've found your dream home in the beautiful town of Mountain View, California, you may be wondering how much it will cost to close on the deal. Closing costs are not constant and can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the property's purchase price.


What are Closing Costs

The expenses incurred during buying or selling a home are known as "closing costs." All the costs associated with obtaining a loan are covered, from the application to the final payment. The buyer typically pays these fees at closing along with the remaining purchase price balance. In most cases, the proceeds from the sale are reduced by the amount of the seller's share of the closing costs. It is highly recommended that you consult a real estate professional or attorney to determine the closing costs associated with your specific transaction. Even though they can add up, closing costs are usually well worth it to ensure a smooth transaction. As a result of their efforts, the parties to the sale are more likely to feel secure that their interests have been protected.


Standard Fees Associated With Closing Costs


Origination Fee
Lenders will typically charge a one-time origination fee for handling the loan. The percentage of the loan amount that this fee represents can range from half a percent to well over a percent.


Discount Points
Points paid at closing reduce the interest rate for the entire loan term. Points are a percentage of the loan amount, so one point equals one percent.


Appraisal Fee
The appraisal fee pays a qualified third party to assess the property's worth. Appraisals in Mountain View, California, typically run about $404. This expense accounts for the appraiser's efforts in determining the market value of your home.


Inspection Fee
The inspection fee covers the expense of sending a trained expert to check the property for defects. On average, it costs about $365 for a home inspection in Mountain View, California.


Homeowners Insurance
On average, annual premiums for home insurance in Mountain View cost an estimated $1,392. The price will change based on several factors, including the home's age, size, style, and location. In California, the annual cost of homeowners' insurance averages $1,727. By comparing home insurance quotes, Mountain View homeowners can save an average of $386 annually. It's a good idea to compare prices because they can vary by as much as $772 annually in Mountain View.


Title Insurance
Buyers and lenders can rest comfortably knowing they have been protected from title flaws thanks to title insurance. There is an average title insurance premium paid by homebuyers in Mountain View, CA, of $1,458.


Recording Fee
The county sets the cost of officially recording a deed for real estate. On average, in Mountain View, California, buyers can expect to pay $190 for the recording fee when closing a home purchase. This fee takes care of both the property tax service fee and the cost of the home's title insurance policy. Depending on home size and location factors, the total cost of these services can range from $250 or more.


Survey Fee
Paying a surveyor to come and stake out your property lines is covered by your survey fee. The survey cost in Mountain View, California, is typically around $1,500 but can go up or down depending on the size and complexity of the property.


Attorney Fees
The closing costs in Mountain View, CA, typically include attorney fees, which can be pretty costly. Attorneys should be involved in the home sale process to help protect the interests of all parties. Their job is to ensure everything is in order legally and that both parties know what they're getting into. Regarding real estate transactions, some California attorneys may charge a flat fee of a few thousand dollars, while others may charge you an hourly rate of up to $300.


Mortgage Insurance Premium
Lenders can be protected from the risk of default by purchasing mortgage insurance, also known as Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP). Standard fees are charged by most mortgage lenders and are included in the overall closing costs. If your down payment is less than 20%, your lender will likely require mortgage insurance. Borrowers typically have the premium in their regular mortgage payments. The loan amount, the loan-to-value ratio, and the borrower's credit score are usually taken into consideration when determining the amount of the premium for mortgage insurance. Depending on the size of the loan and the borrower's credit history, MIP premiums in Mountain View, California, can cost anywhere from $200 to $500.


Flood Certification Fee
A flood certificate is necessary to obtain flood insurance, and this fee helps to cover the associated costs. Information about the property's elevation and proximity to nearby waterways is included in the certification, proving that the property is situated within a designated floodplain. Depending on the property's size and location, the cost of a flood certification can range from about $100 to several thousand dollars.


Pest Inspection Fee
This charge is meant to cover the cost of a professional pest inspection of the premises. Although it appears minor, the costs associated with a pest infestation can add up quickly. Nevertheless, it is critical to keep in mind that the purpose of this fee is to serve as a form of protection for your investment.

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