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Anyone think that open houses are a good idea?

I would like to say that open houses are a great idea, not only for sellers, but also for potential buyers and real estate agents alike.  It gives potential buyers the chance to view a home without having to go with a realtor.  It gives other realtors in the area a chance to view a home that they can take potential buyers to.  Open houses give opportunities to the sellers of the home to get feedback on the home from how the home is priced (too high, too low, or just right), to they hate the paint color, and what they love about the home (love the backsplash in the kitchen, "did you see how big the master was?).

It is great for newer real estate agents to help build up their clientele, and their confidence.  When I first started (and I am still very new at real estate), I would go to open houses and just try to open up and actively try to sell the home, and I would ultimately come to the conclusion that people hate when you try to sell them on the home.  Then I finally came to the realization that all I had to do was to be myself and open up to people and try to relate to them.  Let me be honest, I don't care if you buy this house from me today or not.  I just want to help you get what you want, and ultimately tell all of your friends and family what kind of great experience that you had with me in your home buying/selling experience.  

So, what I am getting at is that doing an open house is not necessarily about selling the house, it is about getting out there and meeting people.  It is also a great way to meet other real estate agents, and this will help you network in your career.  It is about meeting potential clients (notice I didn't say buyers), because sometimes neighbors will show up and like what you are doing, and they may want you to sell their house in the future.  Open houses are always a win/win for agents and clients alike.  If you are new, my advice to you is to try and do at least one open house a month, it will help more with confidence than anything else, and without confidence this business will be very hard for you.

And as always, MOVE TO THE HILL!!!


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