Part 3 Of Four Part Series on Wholesaling Real Estate/ A to Z Training / Nation REIA

Real Estate Agent with National Real Estate Network, LLC

3 Part of a 4 Series on Wholesaling Real Estate/ A to Z Training / Nation REIA

How to Find Buyers for Your Wholesale Deal Made Simple / A to Z Training / Nation REIA

Series 1: How to get started in wholesaling and finding leads. APRIL 7
· No leads no deals
· How to always find great leads
· Bring your questions
· What’s the most effective lead generator
· How can get leads a shoestring budget
· What’s the best software to use
· Get your questions answered

Series 2: How to talk to sellers… negotiate… Getting the contract Inked on MAY 5
· Step by step what to say
· Scripts for doing cold calls
· What say, What ask
· How to handle the customer when you walk through the House
· Having the right purchase agreement

Series 3: what’s next? Order Title and Finding a buyer JUNE 2
· Finding the right title company
· You have the property where do you get the buyer
· Getting buyer list
o How to find a buyer if you do have a list

Series 4: Closing and getting paid JULY 7
· Avoiding issues at the closing table
· How to set your closing so you get paid without conflict
1st Thursday of each month
4/7, 5/2, 6/2, 7/7 at 6 pm EST


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