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Relocating to Arizona requires planning, due diligence and managing expectations when you move from other states and climates.  Having experienced corporate relocation, I speak from experience!  It's important to think ahead and manage every aspect to minimize stress and be prepared.   


Here are a few tips that may help you on your next relocation: 


  • Research moving companies by reviews and ask friends, family for referrals. 
  • Check insurance rates and replacement costs of moving companies, in case there are any damages from the move.
  • Make sure that movers pad doorways and hallways so as not to scratch finishes or stain flooring/carpet.  
  • Research the next location as to expected climate changes.  If you're moving to a state that has more/less rainfall, make sure to prepare for those changes.
  • Start organizing first.  Clean out closets with an eye for the climate in your next home and space. 
  • Eliminate as much clutter before moving.  If it can be purchased for less at your next destination, don't pay ot move it.
  • Create a list of address changes to be made with your doctor, dentist, insurance, mortgage company, veterinarian, newspapers, magazines, financial companies, AAA, IRS, DMV, and your neighbors in case of emergencies.
  • Process an address change form on to forward any remaining mail. 
  • Stop service for utilities and start at new residence.
  • Create a folder that will travel on your person during the move.  Have at the ready, any items needed for temporary housing, new residences, access codes, new utility companies, and phone numbers of contacts.

  • If doing your own packing, start buying boxes, tape, large black markers, bubble wrap and paper for packing,
  • Notify children's schools of the move and request immunity records to provide the next school.
  • Start eating your way through your freezer and refrigerator.
  • Moving trucks do not haul plants, chemicals and hazardous flammable items so donate or give them to your neighbors.
  • Service your cars and hang onto the last receipt in your folder to easily be found later.
  • Arrange to have your home cleaned after your move if you aren’t able, and arrange for your next home to be cleaned and repairs made.
  • Confirm your moving date with the movers.
  • Create simple signs for each room doorway for movers (if professional packers).  Those same signs need to be placed in your new home so movers can move independently and place boxes in the correct room as you've identified. (This is a HUGE time saver later.)
  • Before leaving your old home, review every drawer and look on top of cabinets for anything left behind. 
  • Do leave behind outdoor rugs to leave that dirt behind.  The new owners can toss if they don’t want the rugs but they’ll appreciate a spot for movers to wipe their feet. 

Arizona Terrain

Arizona is a beautiful place to live.  With 5 climate zones, each area is vastly different.  In the desert of Phoenix, know that the hot weather can challenge your car batteries, windshield wipers, and finishes. It's always a great idea to tint windows before you arrive; check the health of your car battery; and replace your windshield wipers.  Car batteries can last less than 2 years so if yours is older, might be wise to replace it before you arrive during the summer months.  No one likes being stranded in the heat!  

You won't need many winter coats in Arizona unless you're moving to the northern region near Flagstaff and thereabouts.  I've dusted off my coats and they are still in the closet 24 years later!  

When buying homes in Arizona, remember to compare property taxes.  Our property taxes are very low and that will add $$ to your budget for purchasing a home here!  

And lately, if you're looking for a seasoned agent in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, please give me a ring.  I'm happy to help!  


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