It is All About Your Thoughts & You Controling Your Thoughts

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Let's take selling real estate as an example. In my 40+ years as a real estate agent, it is quite often I have met people who tell me they want to get a real estate license, and when I ask why? It is something to do, as a hobby. To me this is a business, it is somewhat like being a musician, doctor, or at least a RN, maybe a first responder, what do you think?

Where you are providing a service to others and you also earn an income from it. When you have energy, enthusiasm, and excitement, in doing it as I have always had that really creates the fun that is in it. I had so much excitement I published two books about it. My favorite one: MYTHS AND REALITIES OF REAL ESTATE SALES. 

You have an opportunity to learn and learn more every month or even week, to improve your capabilities. 

When you really think about life, your thoughts rank up at the top.

I hope your day is as great as mine.

Dan Dee McGinnis 

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