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Neighborhood Information
In Dana Point, California, there is a community called Monarch Bay, which is another beautiful coastal residential area tucked away on the eastern coast of the ocean's pristine waters. Most of the residential properties in Monarch Bay were constructed during the 1960s; however, some properties were built more recently. As a result, potential homebuyers in the community have access to a wider variety of housing alternatives. The Monarch Bay area is a guard-gated enclave that is home to over 200 individual residences. In addition to the advantages that come with residing in a private community behind a security checkpoint and having quick access to a private beach club, the residents have access to first-class coastal amenities, such as lounge chairs, umbrellas, clothes, and food service. 

The neighborhood offers residents a feeling of safety and a high amount of privacy due to its secluded location, making it a perfect community for families who place great importance on isolation and quiet in their surrounding environment. If you have further inquiries or if you would like more information about one of the beautiful neighborhoods in Dana Point, California, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our staff. When it comes to making the decision that is in the best interest of you and your family as a whole, the professionals here will be more than happy to assist you.

Real Estate Information
The residential homes currently on the market in Monarch Bay are of superior build quality and are offered in a varied selection of architectural designs and floor plans. Compared to the total amount of money required to purchase these properties, the level of value they deliver is exceptional. The neighborhood has some of the most attractive floor plans now available on the market, and it meets all of the space criteria necessary for residents to lead comfortable lives. People seeking a fantastic home or who have big families and need a residence with numerous bedrooms and a substantial amount of living space should look at one of the housing options provided in this area.

The bulk of the properties in Monarch Bay ranges from $750,000 to $33,000,000. The majority of these houses in Monarch Bay have floor plans that include anywhere from two to six bedrooms with one to twelve bathrooms. The interior living space of the floor plans in Monarch Bay can range anywhere from 1,700 sq ft to 13,000 sq ft. The typical range for the size of a lot in the area ranges from 0.10 acres to 1.29 acres. Home designs in Monarch Bay can be found in a variety of architectural styles, including Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Mid Century, and Modern. Custom-built homes are also an option.

Neighborhood Location
Monarch Bay is a picture-perfect seaside neighborhood that offers its residents a variety of stunning panoramas and chances to engage in outdoor activities. It is bisected by the Pacific Coast Highway, which runs east to west, and it is bounded to the south and the north by Monarch Beach and Three Arch Bay, respectively. One of the most notable locations in the Providence Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach, which can be reached by CA-1 South in under 5 minutes and is located just 1.6 miles north of Monarch Bay. RH Dana Elementary School is located seven minutes' drive south of this area, on CA-1 North. The Salt Corridor Regional Park is located around 2.6 miles to the east of the region. If you take Pacific Island Drive or Crown Valley Parkway through Crown Valley Parkway, the trip to Badlands Park will take 7 minutes and can be located 2.6 miles northeast of Monarch Bay.

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Dana Point, CA Market Report:

Households: 14,905
Median Listing Home Price: $1.7M
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $884
Median Rent: $2,061
Average Days on Market: 41
Home Ownership Percentage: 63.8%


Dana Point, CA Community Report:

Population: 33,421
Average Household Income: $143,649
Median Age: 50.5
Associate's Degree or Higher: 41%
Cost of Living Score: 200.3


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