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Neighborhood Information


One of Berkeley, California's oldest and most reasonably priced neighborhoods is Westbrae. A great place to raise a family because of its cultural diversity and peaceful residential atmosphere. Large parks, playgrounds, and lovely community gardens can be found in this area. It is possible to trace Westbrae's history back to the Key System, a component of the Realty Syndicate, a more significant business that includes real estate as an attribute. Several high-quality developments in housing and new places for businesses have recently been built there, enhancing the area's already high standard of living. Don't hesitate to get in touch whenever it's most convenient for you if you have any further inquiries regarding this area.

Westbrae has a wide variety of homes perfect for singles, couples, and families. Someone looking for peace and tranquility would do well in a Craftsman cottage or a postwar suburban home. Potential homebuyers will be smitten by the attractive vinyl flooring, outdoor living spaces, and verdant landscaping offered in a number of the available properties. Westbrae is a conveniently located neighborhood with easy access to public transportation and medical facilities, excellent schools, and moderate air quality. Trader Joe's, The Spanish Table, and Berkeley Bowl West are just some of the nearby grocery stores. During the summer, kids interested in sports like basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, and soccer can participate in specialized programs at specialized summer camps. Having a picnic with loved ones on the green grass of a park is a surefire way to create lifelong memories. The people who live in Westbrae are warm and friendly. No problems with excessive noise or physical conflict have been reported. Furthermore, most dogs in the area are well-mannered and cared for by responsible owners. Westbrae is a great neighborhood for people who want to live close to various services and amenities and who value living among friendly people.


Real Estate Information

There are primarily single-family homes, duplexes, and condominiums in Westbrae. An expansive lawn and a patio are common features of residential gardens. Some Victorians and early 20th-century farmhouses can also be found in Westbrae, but craftsman bungalows, Spanish Revival cottages, and postwar suburban-style homes are far more common. The homes in this neighborhood have contemporary flooring with smooth, clean lines and plenty of natural light. Prices for homes in Westbrae range from $895k to $2.7m.


Neighborhood Location

Westbrae is located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, directly north of Berkeley, at an elevation of 79 feet. Its proximity to the campus and BART makes it a popular spot for locals and visitors. Interstates 80 and 580 are both close by. Westbrae is where Santa Fe Avenue and Gilman Street meet, and the city limit of Albany is just a short distance to the north.

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Berkeley, CA Market Report:

Households: 45,352
Median Listing Home Price: $1.3M
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $790
Median Rent: $1,722
Average Days on Market: 36
Home Ownership Percentage: 42.9%


Berkeley, CA Community Report:

Population: 120,463
Average Household Income: $130,006
Median Age: 31.1
Associate's Degree or Higher: 37%
Cost of Living Score: 235.2


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