July Special - Credit Restoration for only $399!

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You read it right.  There's no typo here.  Credit Restoration for as low as $399!  One of the things about The Credit Repair Guys is that this company is about making some positive changes in the lives of people with out having them break the bank.  Normally, we charge $599 a retainer for our services (still a bargain compared to a lot of companies out there).  However, for those that sign up by next Friday, July 11th, 2008, we will save you $200 off our retainer and waive 2 months of processing (which is $59/month) for a total savings of $318!  If you don't get signed up by then, you've got until the 22nd to save $100 off our retainer and we'll still waive 2 months of processing for a savings of $218!  And for those procrastinators out there (like myself), if you sign up by the 31st, I'll waive 2 month of processing for a savings of $118!

The sooner you call, the more you can save!  And if you're an active rain member, I've got a deal that's just too good for me to list on here.  If you're and Active Rain member contact me via email with your contact information so I can share with you the AMAZING PRICE of credit repair!  Don't forget, this offer expires on July 31st at 7pm, CST!  If you're looking for the best credit repair at the best price, look no further!  If you're looking to do something about your credit, the time is NOW!


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