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I’ve developed a relationship with a family office that has a new bond fund that is looking for projects from $100 Million to $5 Billion plus. They just closed a $400 Million deal and I have multiple deals I have begun to send them, in various stages.

Key points are:
– Go to 100% on the financing including costs
– Non-recourse
– Rates between 5.75% and 6% interest only!
– Points and costs can get rolled in also
– Projected profits from the project MUST cash flow the loan.

This is NOT a trade platform type of deal. It is ultimately bond financing however there is a $3 Million dollar escrow that will need to be put up AFTER commitment and we will require proof of $3 Million liquid before we bring the deal in. Really though, if you are trying to build something for $100 Million or more and you don’t even have $3 Million, what are you doing? Just being real. I don’t know how quickly they will fill up so I want to get as many projects in front of them as I can. So……

If you have a deal above $100 Million and you want me to get it in front of them it costs NOTHING to do….just send me the executive summary, pro-forma, sources and uses, etc.(a “package”) and I will underwrite it and get it in. They are ESPECIALLY hungry for energy projects of all sorts but they are entertaining a large hotel deal for me, a really large subdivision deal for rental houses, etc. Any project, send it in and let’s see what they will do! It costs nothing to see what they will offer. Questions? Give me a call at 512-358-1511 today or get started by filling out this form! 

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