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An IRS tax lien becomes a public record after it is issued, giving the federal government a claim to your assets and future earnings.

Hmmm.  What an unsettling idea.

The lien is also placed against all of your assets, such as your real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, investment accounts, and accounts receivable if you operate a business.

You will get a document called a Notice of Federal Tax Lien when your past-due tax account is the target of a federal tax lien.

This notification provides specific information about past-due taxes, the relevant years, when it was assessed, and more.

What happens if you wish to sell a piece of property that has an IRS lien?

When you sell a piece of property that has an IRS lien on it, the government will get the money first. Any money that is left over will be given to you after your tax debt has been paid. The lien on your other assets will stay in place if the sale doesn't fully satisfy your debt.

An IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien, often known as an IRS tax lien, is a claim made by the IRS that gives the organization priority access to the proceeds from the sale of any assets. When you sell your house, car, or other assets with an IRS tax lien on them, the IRS can get the proceeds before any other creditors and use them to settle your past taxes.

Your ability to obtain a mortgage, car loan, or personal loan may be hampered if an IRS tax lien appears on your credit reports. So why prolong the worry of having a Notice of Federal Tax Lien?

Get assistance right away from a local tax expert who can help you navigate the difficulties brought on by an IRS Tax Lien.

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