6 Eco-Friendly Rooftop Landscaping Design Ideas

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The key to designing a beautiful rooftop terrace is having the best design ideas. Rooftop gardens and patios can be found anywhere, even in densely populated urban areas. Using the rooftop adds more living space and style to a home. Here are a variety of eco-friendly rooftop landscaping design ideas that homeowners will be begging you to install.

Choose Sustainable Outdoor Wood Flooring

The first step in transforming any rooftop into a stunning entertainment area is to choose the right outdoor wood flooring. When it comes to installing outdoor flooring, wood is the material of choice; especially for rooftop decking. Engineered hardwood is a great option for outdoor flooring due to its durability and high quality. Wood options are functional, modern, and minimalistic. 

Select Soothing Mood Lighting

When designing a rooftop deck, it’s essential to choose the right solar lighting. Not only can the right lights create a soothing mood, but it can also make the area look larger at dusk. The right lights for a rooftop landscaping project are going to be pointed downward, especially highlighting plants or intricate designs. With the lights pointed downwards, guests on the deck will be better able to enjoy the eagle-eye view. 

Another well-designed rooftop deck idea will include soft lighting such as string lights over or around the dining area. Trellis or adding a pergola design over the dining area is the perfect place to hang string lights. Adding soft lights around the dining area will create an intimate environment that’s perfect for family dinner, date nights, and late night parties.

Pick the Right Plants for the Rooftop Deck

An excellent rooftop deck design incorporates plants into the landscape. But, you can’t just install any plants. Instead, designers should opt for a variety of shrubs, ground cover, and large plants. The chosen plants should also offer warm and cool colors to the landscape. Designers can also opt for hedges instead of railings, and should consider adding container plants such as juniper and deciduous shrubs as well. When choosing the right pots for your plants, go for colors that match the look of the area.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Even tiny outdoor patios can be designed to appear larger when vertical space is taken advantage of and used in the design. Often, designers overlook vertical space, which can limit what they can do and leaves a ton of area unused. 

According to Jeff Guthrie of a roofing contractor from Phoenix, Arizona, one way to use this space is to add hand railing planters or hang planters directly on the wall. For a unique look, climbing plants can be planted at the base of vertical areas where they will continue to grow over time.

Living Space Integration

It’s important to remember that a rooftop deck is a viable living space for the people who will live there. An outdoor rooftop deck can be transformed into an additional living room, auxiliary kitchen, or even a dining room. To create the right look, designers must work with homeowners to determine the vision for the space. By sculpting the right landscape, an outdoor rooftop can be transformed into more living space for the occupants.

Add Efficient Drainage

No matter what a rooftop area will be transformed into, designers must choose efficient drainage for the building. Without the right drainage system, the rooftop could flood or be permanently damaged. Several types of drains can be installed such as an innovative pre sloped trench drain. Some shrubs or even a rain garden could be used as patio drainage.

Now, you have six eco-friendly rooftop landscaping design ideas. Take these ideas as they are, or put your flair on them to create something truly unique.

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