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Packed with outdoor activities and very family-friendly places, Austin, the capital of Texas, ranks first as the best place to live in the state. Austin is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in the United States, and new businesses are constantly popping up. "Keep Austin Weird" has become the city's motto thanks to residents' love for out-of-the-box art and passion for all kinds of eccentric. Buying a home in Austin is a great way to invest; besides, it's not hard to find safe and pleasant communities in this neighborhood. A mortgage is necessary for owning real estate unless you can afford to pay for a home in cash. Getting a mortgage can seem overwhelming. However, you can quickly secure financing for your Austin home if you know what you need to apply and qualify for. The lender will consider your income, work position, and credit score. Some of the home loan programs lenders offer are: 
Conventional loans, which include fixed-rate, adjustable-rate mortgages, conforming, non-conforming, and jumbo loans, are not insured by a federal agency.

The Adjustable-Rate Mortgage offers borrowers the benefit of a low introductory rate for the first few years of the home loan. It is a good choice for short-term homeowners or those who might anticipate more earnings over time.

FHA Home Loans can assist first-time homebuyers and those with poor credit or income. Government-backed FHA mortgages have low-interest rates, low credit score requirements, and minimal down payments as low as 3.5 percent.

VA Home Loans provides mortgage guarantees for veterans and current military members. The "guarantee" may include no down payment, lower interest rates, cost coverage, and no maximum amount beyond what your credit and income can support.

The USDA assists low to moderate-income homebuyers in designated rural areas. By covering up to 90% of the loan, The USDA lets buyers who qualify borrow the full amount of the loan, so they don't have to make a down payment. 30-year fixed-rate mortgages require no mortgage insurance and have no payment cap.

Jumbo Loans are loans that exceed the conforming loan limit. By being able to borrow a large amount of money, borrowers can reduce the down payment for an expensive home.

Real Estate Information

Beautiful homes can be found in Austin, Texas, with prices ranging from $100,000 to more than $1 million, and the majority have two to nine bedrooms and two to five bathrooms. With an average size of 299 m2, luxury residences come in various sizes, with 1 to 11 bedrooms, and have standard features like gardens, terraces, bars, and fireplaces. Homes in the Austin metro area that only include homes in the middle price tier are worth $599,525 (ZHVI) and are seasonally adjusted. As of 2022, the median price for Austin homes is $624,999. For single-family homes, the median price is $661,547, and for condos and townhomes, the median price is $480,000. The cost of land ranges from $69,500 to $1.5M. The most common zoning in Austin is SF-3, or Single Family, with a minimum lot size of 5750 square feet. SF-2 has a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet; it is more restricted to single-family zoning because it is an environmentally sensitive area. SF-4 zoning is used and has a minimum of 3,600 square feet lot size if you prefer to be close to the city center.

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