How to Make the Most of Small Kitchen Renovations

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Are you tired of your small kitchen space? You feel like you are constantly running out of kitchen storage and can barely move.

What if you learned that even though you have a small kitchen, you can create an open kitchen with maximum efficiency? With the following tips, you'll come up with kitchen renovation plans that you love!

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Add Glass

Using certain decor elements can actually open up the space. Taking out your opaque wooden cabinets and replacing them with glass can make the room feel much more open.

The eyes can travel to the back, which gives it a bigger feel. If you choose to go with nice glass cabinets, this will also improve the value of your home.

While you are adding glass, you should also pick a mirror or two to add to the area. This will increase the depth of the room to make it appear and feel bigger than it is.

Be Discreet

Have you ever considered adding in appliances that you may not always see? 

For instance, you can add in a stovetop that can be covered with a glass cover or a removable counter. This way, the space looks bigger when you are not using it and also doubles as a prep area.

You could also consider adding in under-cabinet storage options that look like more cabinets!

Consider Storage Options

Making the most of your storage options in a small kitchen is crucial. One way to do this is to expand your area from the ground up.

Most likely, you'll have appliances and counter space on the ground. However, you can add shelving on the walls and cabinets all the way to the ceiling for extra storage.

Go Minimal

One of the best things you can do for a small kitchen is to go minimal.

You may be able to get rid of having a dishwasher to make space for an oven. You could take out 2 of the 4 stovetops to open up more room for counter space.

Additionally, you could take out any type of permanent island and put in a small table for two that you can use as additional counter space if you need it. You could also just add in a kitchen island that you can move around and take out of the space if you need to.

Make the Best of Small Kitchen Renovations

Whether you have a large kitchen or a small kitchen, deciding to do any type of Edmonton kitchen renovations will make a huge difference in your space.

You can make it more open, create more space, add in new design elements, and redesign the layout for your needs.

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Helpful tips!  Just have to get creative with the small spaces.

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