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Pricing your home doesn't have to be with our Tri-Merge process step by step using Zillow, Local Tax Information, and Appraisal it is so accurate and soon to be patented. Oh, the savings of 2/3 the cost of selling your home WELL is a bonus. 

  • When it comes to pricing your house, there’s a lot to consider. The only way to ensure you price it right is by partnering with a local real estate professional.

Why an Agent Is Essential When Pricing Your House [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why an Agent Is Essential When Pricing Your House [INFOGRAPHIC] | Keeping Current Matters

Some Highlights

  • To find the best price, your agent balances current market demand, the values of homes in your neighborhood, where prices are headed, and your home’s condition.
  • Don’t pick just any price for your house. If you’re ready to sell, reach out to a trusted real estate professional to find the perfect price for your house.

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