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Rates have gone up but not as quickly as residential rates and businesses are still expanding as you will see in the loans below…

$2.4 Million Purchase of a Sushi/Hibachi Company-Business Only

Location: FL

This was a 34-year-old successful restaurant/bar whose founder was retiring and wanted to sell it to his long-time managers. A business-only transaction, no real estate, we rolled in $200,000 of working capital. The borrowers put down 10% or $260,000 and got $200,000 BACK! So a net of only $60,000 to buy the restaurant they have been running for 30 years. It’s just a beautiful story and I see these deals all the time. Next week we are closing a bar/restaurant for $3.4 Million in GA, the same thing…the long-time manager is buying it from the founder. These legacy-type deals are just encouraging to see…people being rewarded for their service…it’s great. Most banks can not do business only transactions with no collateral over $500,000 but we can do it to the full $5 Million SBA loan limit. When you are looking to buy a business…we are the place to

go! call at 512-358-1511 or today or get started by filling out this form! 

$1.0 Million Cash Out Refinance-Commercial Real Estate

Location: AZ

Banks still do not like Cash-Out Refinances, especially above 50% LTV. They REALLY don’t like them when the cash out is being used for other investments. We have alternative lenders that will allow cash out up to 75% with NO strings on the money. In this case, the borrower was cashing out his office/warehouse to put into another venture. We closed this alternative loan with a 6.9% Interest rate and a 30-year fixed loan!!!! With residential mortgage rates heading into the 6’s, this rate was a home run for the borrower and a 30-year fixed rate to boot! We have a full suite of alternative loans for those deals that are good but just outside of what banks are comfortable with. As more and more banks tighten, I expect these deals to grow in our pipeline. If you have a “just miss” bank deal…give me a call at 512-358-1511 or today or get started by filling out this form! 

Start-Up Franchise Loans

Location: Nationwide

We close start-up franchise loans all the time, this one was special because it is a new franchise with less than 20 locations open. Lenders shy away from young franchises but we have brought many young franchises to success. Our start-up loans can sometimes go to only 10% down (must be very strong) but 20% down is the norm. That is of ALL the costs needed to open. In this case, the cost to build out the space, the franchise fees, equipment, training, marketing, AND working capital of $50,000 came to roughly $400,000 and the borrower put down 20%. Interest is factored in so that the borrower does not have a payment until the doors open. These loans are great and this market has stayed VERY hot.

People ARE starting businesses, buying businesses, expanding, and growing. The market still has legs. Yes, the risk for recession continues to grow and things are not all rosy, but business IS still going on and WILL, even in a recession. Shoot, even in communist China, there are businesses, Billionaires, and commerce goes on.

Disruption is the new normal, but with all disruption comes opportunities. Those who keep their heads about them and keep working and keep their eyes open are the future winners when the dust settles and WE ARE HERE TO HELP. I have been doing this since 2000 and have seen all sorts of drama and crises. The one consistent is that I am always able to lend to good businesses, no matter what.

SBA, CONSTRUCTION, ALTERNATIVE, PRIVATE MONEY, STATED INCOME, we have it all! Call Karen Schimpf today and get your loan funded. One call does it all at 512-358-1511

Karen Schimpf 

(512) 358-1511

karen at applycommercialloans.com 


Give me a CALL TODAY at 512-358-1511 or get started by filling out this form!

P.S. WE have money and we do not charge ANYTHING to get you to that term sheet. That’s right, we are the ONLY NO RISK OPTION IN COMMERCIAL. I will preview your loan and, quickly determine whether we can get it closed or not, and if so, we will have terms in 48 hours from receipt of the basic docs. No cost, no risk. We close you or we make NOTHING. IF YOUR CURRENT BANK IS SAYING NO OR WORSE…TAKING FOREVER TO DECIDE, GIVE ME A CALL TODAY. I will have you quick answers and, you’ll be on your way to a closing-just call Karen call at 512-358-1511 or today or get started by filling out this form! 

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