How to check for your window leaks

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The most common issues that you will encounter with your property’s windows are problems stemming from water intrusion, difficulty opening and closing windows, and air leaks. If you suspect that you may have any of these issues with your windows, there are ways to check for these problems ahead of receiving the inspection of your property from NPI.
Water Damage
You’ll want to take note of signs of a water leak such as peeling paint, mold buildup, and the discoloration of the area surrounding the window. If any of these are prevalent, you will want to further inspect the area around your windows by touching bordering sides with a dry hand. If you detect any moisture or dew drops that have formed on the windowsill, this is an indicator of a window leak.
Difficulty Opening & Closing Windows
If you encounter a considerable amount of strain in attempts to open your windows, or if your windows don’t open at all, you will want to make sure that the foundation of your property is settling properly. Further evidence of foundational problems are difficulty opening and closing doors (in addition to windows), cracks in the walls of your property, and in extreme cases, uneven floors.
Air Drafts
The process for checking for these is relatively easy, as it closely resembles the steps taken to check for water damage. A good tip is to examine any window you suspect may have an air leak on a windy day, as this makes the existence of an air draft more apparent.
Secondly, you’ll want to use a damp hand to scan the areas surrounding your window. With your wet hand, you will be able to physically feel where air is being drawn into your home.

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