Is the IRS Sending Collection Notices?

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Is the IRS Sending Collection/Audit Notices?

 Short answer is “yes

On May 26, 2022,  The IRS updated audit numbers showing that the IRS's tax collection activities are taking place even with other  issues of unprocessed tax returns inventory and understaffing.  The data book release date is  September 2021 and it contains audit rates for 2019, where the IRS can continue to enforce collection activities. The audit rates in the data book are a  “snapshot” of activity in time. The data will change over time as open examinations close and new ones are initiated.


It is important to remember that once the tax returns are filed and accepted by the IRS, the tax returns are open for adjustments/audits and new assessments  for three years.

The table to the right shows that the audit rate doubled in the last seven months in every income category above $50,000; the audit rate for the 1 million - 5 millions more than doubled and taxpayers earning more than 10 millions jumped four times -  reaching 8% .




This report provides real time estimates of the ongoing work that the IRS is taking steps to deal with high end noncompliance.


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