Mount Laurel, NJ: Why does IRS Penalty Exsist!

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Have you received letters from IRS? Are you asking yourself why all of these penalties?

By representing many taxpayers in Mount Laurel and the rest of New Jersey, my clients always ask me “why the penalty?”

when a taxpayer knows that there will be a penalty for:

  • Not Filling
  • Not Paying
  • Not Depositing
  • Not Providing the correct numbers on your tax return 

They will be penalized, most taxpayers will pay attention. Filling and paying  your tax return, then depositing on time is voluntary compliance. Basically if there is no penalty, why would any taxpayer file and pay on time. Penalty  conserve IRS’s resources if they have to chase non-filers for not filling and paying on time.

Penalty is not to punish taxpayers. Why would good taxpayers go out of their way to keep good records, file and pay their taxes. Penalties creates incentive of dis-incentive for taxpayers who follow the rules.

If you have received a letter from IRS or someone you love have received letters from IRS, call 973.840.7350 and meet with me for a consultation today. Don’t waste anymore time. There are resolutions like offer in compromise, OIC, penalty abatement, installment agreement, payment plan, currently not collectible, CNC. Contact us today!

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