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We had a company come and visit us last week. We decided to visit our favorite place (ok, one of them perhaps); Pigeon Forge. There is so much to do there, but even with all the tourist destinations we try to avoid, we visited Parrot Mountain. I have a Green Wing MacCaw, so birds are pretty interesting to me.


Parrot Mountain ( has birds hanging and perched literally all over the place.


Many of the birds you can hold, feed, and pet, some not so much. There are signs on their individual posts warning you whether it's ok to touch them hold them, feed them...or not! These birds either consider you a friend or snack depending on the parrot's "badiitude" that day or in life in general.


 I fell in LOVE with all the cockatoos. They seem like little puppies. They all want to cuddle and be petted. After 15-plus years with my McCaw, that's not very often the case.


There is a nursery for birds for sale as well in the park. I was shocked when I asked how much money for a baby Macaw and was told "10-18".


 I asked $1000.00-$1800.00?


No! $10,000.oo to $18,000.00!



 Well, I think the young lady was wrong because if you go to their website, it says they are between $4000 and $18,000! Still yikes! Someone should pay me for taking a MacCaw off my hands! At $10K, I was beginning to think I should put an ad in the paper now!


Really, they are amazing birds. They have well over 80 birds at the site, and many are re-homed because owners could no longer take care of them (or take care of them from the start). Don't even think about a large bird unless you have experience! Just saying!


They have quite a few rare birds one would enjoy seeing as well. The absolute most extraordinary bird is the hyacinth. The largest MacCaw. They are solid blue with yellow rings around their eyes and yellow tounges. They are, I would say, almost double the size of the Green Wing Macaw, the next largest. They are very expensive, $20K and up, I understand now days. They breed some birds there at the park~ (thus the $10K-$18 K prices). They have two female hyacinths, so there is no prospect of those babies coming available. Their size makes them very intimidating even for a bird person.


The deli could use some help....recommend don't go there hungry.


Delightful place. Highly recommended if you are intrigued by birds.


The n'dat.


I found the BEST car repair service.  You always find these places when you need them the most! They changed my oil a few months ago for ⅓ of what I would have paid the dealership. They are incredibly friendly and personable people.


I called their shop in a panic last week because my car started making a noise that sounded like my brakes rusted together solid overnight. Horrible sound. All of a sudden and just out of the blue. Hmm. Odd.


I thought, well, this is going to be expensive.


They kindly fit me in right away,  took it for a drive, returned, and said, "you're good".


I said what do you mean? "I'm good." What's wrong with my car?


Paul (the owner) handed me a pebble ½ the size of your pinky fingernail. Apparently, it was lodged between the brake and the rotor.  Paul not only figured it out in minutes but also saved me thousands, and he would not take any money to look at it.


If you need car repair in Cleveland, Tennesse, Please call these guys!


Import Support Tn. 

Paul and Julie Roy thank you!


Dis & Dat! 



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Great information.  Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!

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