DUI can = 1st degree MURDER

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Everyone is aware of the hands free law that went into effect today in California.  Another law that will severely impact drivers also went in effect today.  

If you drink, drive drunk and are involved in an auto accident that kills someone, you can be charged with 1st degree MURDER. 

You will be required from today going forward to sign a declaration to state you understand this when renewing or getting a new driver's license. 

This will raise the ante for driving drunk or under the influence.  I'm wondering why it is not being advertised as much as the hands free law. 

Caution:  CHP is out in force today enforcing the hands free law and have written citations along the 110 freeway.

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Cameron Bagherpour
Zeus Construction - Medway, MA
Construction. Development. Investment.

Just one more reason to call a cab when you've been drinking.

Jul 01, 2008 07:00 AM
Jon Michael
DeGeorge Realty LLC - Long Branch, NJ

This is a great law, people need to understand that the choice to drink and drive is dangerous, and can kill.  Since the dead get no second chance, or can become less dead, the drunk that caused it shouldn't get a chance to have a lessened sentence.  Great info, great post.

Jul 01, 2008 07:47 AM